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Hold the opening ceremony

On the morning of April 28, the groundbreaking ceremony of the No. 21 student apartment project on the Weishui campus was held at the construction site of the west area of the Weishui campus. The principal Sha Aimin, the deputy secretary of the school party committee Li Kaiyi, and the vice principal Zhu Jiejun attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Project design unit: Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute, construction drawing design unit and survey unit Xi'an Chang'an University Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., construction unit Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and supervision unit Shaanxi Huaxin Project Management Co., Ltd., More than 120 people including the heads of the school office, the Disciplinary Committee Office, the Accounting and Finance Officer, the Audit Office, the State-owned Assets Office, the Logistics Officer, the Security Office, the Ministry of Education, the Infrastructure Department, and the representatives of participating units participated in the ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony was held by the Infrastructure Office. Director Shi Ruiping presided over.



Ceremony scene


Sha Aimin announced the start of the No. 21 student apartment project on the Weishui campus.


Zhu Jiejun pointed out that the school insists on adhering to morality and building the original aspiration, creating a highland for top-notch talent training, and continuously improving student accommodation conditions by the school's overall career plan and the "14th Five-Year" basic construction plan. The completion of the project will effectively improve the school’s education environment, provide convenient services to teachers and students, optimize the use of campus public space, enhance campus cultural atmosphere, and further improve the quality of science, education, and life of teachers and students. It will speed up the construction of first-class disciplines in our school and achieve higher education. The connotative development of education plays an important role in promoting. He pointed out that "a hundred-year plan, quality first", the project is tight in time and heavy in tasks, and requires all participating units and individuals to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, with a high sense of responsibility, scientific attitude, and rigorous style, adhere to quality-oriented, strict Implement technical standards, careful organization, strict management, full cooperation, safe production, and civilized construction to ensure project quality, project progress and construction safety, and strive to build a high-quality project that is satisfactory to teachers and students.


The person in charge of the Infrastructure Department introduced the project overview of the No. 21 student apartment project in Weishui Campus. The project construction unit Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Standing Committee Member, and Deputy General Manager Yang Haisheng and Shaanxi Huaxin Project Management Co., Ltd., General Manager Wu Chunping spoke respectively.


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