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Cultural Festival held successfully

On the afternoon of April 18th, the opening ceremony of the Fifth Silk Road Carnival Culture Festival of Chang'an University was held in Shuhuiyuan Plaza on the North Campus. With the theme of “Celebrating the 70th Anniversary, Expecting a Better Future”, this year’s International Cultural Festival presents the 70th anniversary of Chang’an University. Thousands of Chinese and foreign teachers and students from 84 countries passed the “Online Participate in a combination of "offline".




The guests gathered at the cultural festival and the atmosphere was warm. Wen Tong, Director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Department of Education of Shaanxi Province, Chu Houcai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Civil Engineering Group, Sun Jun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Overseas Business Department of China Railway 20th Bureau, Li Kaiyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chang'an University, and Zhao Xiangmo, Vice President of Chang'an University, Representatives of international alumni, representatives of friendly cooperation units, and heads of various functional departments of the school attended the opening ceremony. They came from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an Shiyou University, Shaanxi Institute of Technology Waiting for representatives of teachers and students from brother colleges to participate in the activity. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Wei, Dean of the School of International Education.


On behalf of the school, Professor Zhao Xiangmo, the vice president of Chang'an University, welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude to friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting the development of Chang'an University. He pointed out that the vigorous development of schools is inseparable from the care and support of all sectors of society. The 65-year development history of Chang'an University’s international education is a history of daring to be the first, steady, and long-term struggle. It is hoped that young students will have the broad-mindedness to pursue the truth without losing a broad mind, integrate into the world without losing self-persistence, forging ahead without losing the feelings of home and country, and contribute their youth to building a community of shared future for mankind.




The Director of Wentong, Department of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education delivered a speech. On behalf of the guests present, he congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of Chang'an University and expressed his appreciation for the fruitful results achieved since the 65th anniversary of Chang'an University's study in China. He mentioned that Chang'an University has significant disciplinary advantages and distinctive industry characteristics, and it has strong strength in the field of national infrastructure construction. The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education has always cared about and supported the development of Chang'an University's international education. The mountains and rivers are different, and the wind and the moon are in the same sky. It is hoped that through the International Cultural Festival, young students will increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons, and promote the exchange and mutual learning of different civilizations and harmonious coexistence.


Dr. Harid, Director of the Middle East Saudi Office of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Import and Export Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the international alumni. Khalid fondly recalled the years of studying at Chang'an University, sending students to keep in mind the school motto, cherish the rare opportunity to study abroad, study diligently, establish lofty ideals, and contribute to the friendship between the two countries after completing their studies. Student Chi Rui from Highway College gave a speech on behalf of the international students on campus.


Afterward, dozens of international student representatives dressed in gorgeous national costumes, with bright smiles and youthful vitality, appeared on the stage, and the theatrical performance of the Silk Road Carnival Cultural Festival kicked off. International students from all over the world and Chinese students brought wonderful cultural performances to the audience. The Chinese and African musical instrument ensemble, Chinese traditional martial arts, singing and dancing, Qinqiang, and other wonderful performances greeted the audience with applause. The Chinese style song "Blue and White Porcelain" sung by Congolese students bravely and melodiously, the martial arts program "Wu Changan" jointly brought by Chinese and foreign students, and "Colorful Grow" compiled by dances from various countries, is full of vitality. "Tune Dutan" injects the African grassland style into Shaanxi gongs and drums art. In the beautiful melody of the adaptation of the song "Growing Up in the Voice", the theatrical performance came to an end.




In the Silk Road Culture and Food Customs Exhibition, international students from 29 countries showed visitors the exquisite costumes, handicrafts, fine food, and distinctive folk music of their respective countries. The on-site gourmet cuisine, bustling brocade clothes, crowds of people, singing and laughing, presenting a strong exotic atmosphere, exchanges and collisions of different cultures, and wonderful.






The Silk Road Carnival Cultural Festival of Chang'an University was established in 2014. After inheritance and development, the content of the activities is becoming more abundant and the form of activities is becoming more and more perfect. It is one of the school's brand activities. The Silk Road Carnival Cultural Festival is rich in content and diverse in forms. It is an important unit of the school's 70th-anniversary celebration series. During the cultural festival, activities such as "Perceive China-Green Intelligence Leading Future Transportation" International Student Academic Forum and alumni story sharing sessions will also be held. The successful holding of the cultural festival inherited the cultural tradition of "inclusiveness and freedom of thought", demonstrated the charm of the international campus of Chang'an University, deepened the friendship between Chinese and foreign students, and demonstrated the brand influence of "Growing up abroad".

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