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Scholarship for outstanding international students

To support outstanding international students of our school to complete their studies, our school has specially set up the "Chang'an University Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China". Scholarships are distributed in cash and are divided into multiple levels.


1. Applicant qualifications

1.1 Full-time sophomore (including sophomore) students who are enrolled in our school at their own expense for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degree;

1.2 To be friendly to China, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, school rules and regulations, have good civilized behaviors, and respect Chinese culture and customs. ;

1.3 Study diligently, the performance of cultural courses is excellent among similar students, and all courses studied in this school year have passed the examination;

1.4 Actively participate in various cultural, sports, and social welfare activities, love the collective, and care about others;

1.5 Honest and trustworthy, there is no bad record of violation of law or discipline this school year.


2. Scholarship content and standards

Types of scholarships

Reward standard

Remarks (other):

First-class award

10,000 yuan/person/academic year

Sports Star, Artistic Star, Leadership Star, Learning Star, Volunteer Star, etc.

Second scholarship

5000 yuan/person/academic year

Third-class scholarship

2000 yuan/person/academic year


3. Application materials

3.1 "Chang'an University Scholarship Application Form for Outstanding International Students in China";

3.2 School transcripts;

3.3 Copies of various award certificates, honorary certificates, and other certificates and certificates.


4. Application deadline

Refer to the notice on the website of the International Education College of Chang'an University.


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