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Hold regular meetings on International Education

On the afternoon of May 10th, the first regular international education meeting of our school in 2021 was held on the South Campus. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


The meeting was presided over by Zhang Wei, Director of the School of International Education Student Affairs Office. The heads of relevant departments of the school and the leaders of the second-level colleges in charge of international student work and foreign affairs secretaries attended the meeting.


After listening to recent reports on international education and management work, Zhao Xiangmo put forward specific requirements for our school’s international education work from three aspects. The first is to focus on "standardized management, improving quality and efficiency", establishing advanced concepts, constructing a sound system, and steadily advancing in practice, adhering to the principles and directions of convergent management, and enhancing the level of our school's international education through connotative development. Improve the quality of international talent training. Second, the whole school should work together to do a good job in international student work. All relevant units and secondary colleges should actively cooperate with the International Student Affairs Office to participate in the training process of international students, further improve the international student management system, and do a good job in educational administration, Supporting work such as school status management and international student services; should closely cooperate with the admissions work of the International Education Institute to continuously improve the source and quality of international student admissions. The third is to make every effort to re-certify the quality of higher education for international students coming to China in 2021. The quality recertification work of the Ministry of Education for studying in China is a comprehensive inspection of the school’s work. Relevant units of the school should further raise awareness, unify their thinking, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the document and the indicator system, strictly control the recertification evaluation indicator system, and follow the Division of labor, complete various tasks with quality and quantity.




Zhang Wei made detailed arrangements for the re-certification of higher education quality for international students coming to China in 2021. He introduced the specific content and division of labor of the Ministry of Education's quality re-certification of studying in China and pointed out that through the process of quality re-certification of studying in China, the international student training mechanism should be straightened out, and the construction of the international student training system will be systematically promoted; international students will be further optimized. Excellent courses and training programs continuously improve the quality of international student training. It is hoped that the relevant departments and colleges of the school will further change their concepts, actively participate in the training and management of international students, and work together to promote the school's "double first-class" international development.




Lv Weidong, deputy director of the International Education Institute/International Student Affairs Office, reported the recent international students' situation, arranged the Chinese government scholarship, and the annual review of the Xi'an “Belt and Road” scholarship and related work for the 2021 international student graduates. Li Yuanchun, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, arranged the recent online and offline mixed teaching and examination, graduation design (thesis), and other work for international students. Gao Tianzhi, Director of the Graduate Work Department/Deputy Dean of the Graduate School, reported the recent international students' postgraduate teaching, examinations, and graduation thesis submissions, and made arrangements for the recent international graduate training. International Student Teaching Supervisor Qian Liang reported on the teaching situation in the spring semester of 2021; Zhang Lei, Director of the Admissions Office of the International Student Affairs Office, reported on the enrollment of international students in 2021.

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