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Shaanxi Sanqin Scholarship 

To implement the spirit of the "Implementation Opinions of Shaanxi Province for the Implementation of the National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)", attract and encourage more outstanding foreign students to study in Shaanxi, and vigorously promote the healthy and rapid work of Shaanxi higher education international students To develop and expand the international influence of higher education in Shaanxi Province, the Shaanxi Provincial Government has specially set up the "San Qin Scholarship of Shaanxi Province" to fund outstanding foreign students.


1. Applicant qualifications

1.1 Full-time sophomore (including sophomore) students who are enrolled in our school at their own expense for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees;

1.2 Obey the law, be diligent and studious, have good grades, have good conduct, and have no records of violations of Chinese laws and school disciplines;

1.3 Applicants should have excellent academic performance, and all compulsory courses of the year should have good grades;

1.4 International students who have already enjoyed or are enjoying Chinese government (and) other various scholarships during their studies will no longer enjoy this award.


2. Scholarship content and standards

Types of scholarships

Reward object

Reward standard

A scholarship

Ph.D. student

25,000 yuan/person/year

B scholarship


20000 yuan/person/year

C scholarship


13,000 yuan/person/year


3. Application materials

3.1 "Sanqin Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students in Shaanxi Province";

3.2 Copy of personal passport and valid visa;

3.3 School transcripts.


4. Application deadline

Refer to the notice on the website of the International Education College of Chang'an University.


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