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Admission Guide for Freshmen

1. Registration process for double degree students and single enrollment

Obtain the all-in-one card at the registration office with the admission notice → pay the tuition with the all-in-one card to the financial office → take the payment slip to the registration office to confirm registration and the professional counselor to enroll in the class → participate in the entrance course training class.

2. Registration and registration process for general recruitment and part-time students

The registration procedures of the unified enrollment have been completed and have entered the college or undergraduate class → the staff of the college is responsible for the promotion of the degree program (BBA, BA, BS) → the interested person writes out a personal application, and the class counselor signs it → the academic affairs office receives the registration form, go through the relevant procedures and insert the corresponding class.

3. Procedures for transferring from a foreign school to the International Education Institute

Students bring relevant school certificates to the Academic Affairs Office to complete the transfer procedures → pay the fees at the Finance Office → register at the Academic Affairs Office with the payment receipts → find a counselor to register for class (if you need to apply for transfer credits, follow the transfer procedures for credits).

4. Procedures for the transfer of credits

Download the "Student Credit Recognition Form" from the Internet → fill it out and submit it to the college office with a copy of your personal transcript → report to the Academic Affairs Office for approval after the college office reviews → the archive the Academic Affairs Office, and archive it in the college office.

5. Handling the transfer process

The student submits a written application → the counselor signs and affixes the student's stamp → the Academic Affairs Office receives the application form for the transfer of majors → the dean signs the opinions → the Academic Affairs Office approves and records → the college records.

6. Process of retaking Chinese courses

Students should retake courses online within 4 weeks of the start of school (select three courses per semester) → after selecting retake courses, print out the "personal class schedule" for reference → send the "retake notice" to the teacher, and keep a personal "retake notice" Stubs" → go to class and take the test with the rework class → After the results are announced, the Academic Affairs Office will update the grades (the same course is limited to two opportunities for retakes, but the last retake grade will be the valid grade).

7. Handle the self-study process of Chinese courses (in the case of re-study conflicts)

Students should retake courses online within 4 weeks of the start of school (select three courses per semester) → After selecting retake courses, print out the "Individual Course Form" and "Self-study Application Form" and fill them out, and ask the teacher who retakes the course to sign and comment → Bring the “personal timetable” and “self-study application form” to the office of the National Education Institute for approval and filing → send the “self-study notice” to the teacher to keep it → take the exam at the end of the term.
(Note: The following courses are not allowed to apply for self-study-political theory courses, moral education courses, physical education courses, experimental courses, military training, various internships, curriculum design, graduation thesis (design), and other compulsory practical links)

8. Process for exempting Chinese courses

Exempt students need to download and fill out the "Exemption Application Form" before the start of the course → bring the "Exemption Application Form" and "Transcript" to the Office of the National Education Institute and go through the credit transfer procedures → Academic Affairs Office Approval and Filing → Submit the "Exemption Application Form" Recorded at the teacher's office.

9. Process for the postponed examination

Students who are unable to take the exam due to illness or test conflicts and other force majeure should fill in the "Deferred Exam Application Form" before the exam → At the same time, log in to the "Educational Administration System" to apply online for the relevant course postponed exam → Put the "Deferred Exam Application Form" ”And relevant certificates (if you are delayed in taking the exam due to illness, you must present a certificate from a hospital at or above the city level), and submit it to the Office of the National Education Institute for review → Approval and filing online for the “Educational Administration System” of the Academic Affairs Office → Arrangements for the examination of delayed students at the beginning of the next semester → Postpone Test scores are recorded on the paper.

10. Process for making up the exam

At the beginning of each semester and the end of the last semester, for the failed courses, students log in to the "Educational Administration System" according to their personal circumstances, and register online within the specified time (If you do not register online within the specified time, you will be deemed to have given up the opportunity to take the retake) → receive the retake notice, According to the arrangement of the examination form, take the make-up exam → those who pass the make-up exam will be recorded in the scorebook according to the score of 60 points.

11. Results management process

The teacher submits the transcripts and test papers to the department of the course within three days after the end of each course examination → the teacher enters the grades into the teaching management system as soon as possible → submits the original scorebook to the Academic Affairs Office for archiving, and the department keeps a copy → counseling The staff counts the failing rate of each class and subject, and summarizes the feedback to the Office of the National Education Institute → summarizes the feedback to the Academic Affairs Office and related departments.

12. Problem score review process

Within the first week of the semester, students who have problems with the final grades of the last semester fill in the "Problem Score Feedback Form" at the counselor's office → aggregate feedback to the Office of the National Education Institute → review feedback from the department where the course is located → inform the students of the review results.

13. Credit early warning process

At the beginning of each semester and after the re-examination, the department will be derived from the "Zhengfang Teaching Management System" for those who have less than 12 credits for the required courses at the end of the previous semester (except for the graduating class) → Issue the corresponding class counselor for review and issue the "credit warning sheet" To the student's signature for confirmation → the counselor will report and deal with it according to the number of times the student has been warned.

14. Work arrangement process for the third semester

Students voluntarily sign up → determine the courses be opened according to the registration situation → notify the enrolled students to pay the fees → to register at the office of the college with the payment slip → make a roster → arrange teachers through the Academic Affairs Office → supervise the daily class situation → arrange exams → summarize the results Office of Academic Affairs→The Office of Academic Affairs updates students' grades on time.

15. Application process for fresh graduates to extend their study time

Any student who is unable to complete the courses (credits) specified in the teaching plan within the school system can apply for an extension of the study time within the school's specified study period. The processing procedure is as follows: the student submits a written application → counselor's signature → downloads from the college website "Graduation Postponement Application Form for Fresh Graduates" and fills it out carefully→Apply the written application and application form signed by the counselor to the hospital office for review→Approval by the Academic Affairs Office→Payment of Credit Fees and Accommodation Fees by the Finance Department→Proof of Extended Study Time issued by the Academic Affairs Office.

16. Application process for examination paper review

Students who still have doubts about the results after the review can write a written application for examination → hand in the office of the National Education Institute and receive the "Application Form for Student Performance Review of Sias International College of Zhengzhou University" (made by the Teaching Supervision Office) → after filling in the form truthfully, Hand in counselor, hospital leader for approval, signature → hand in the teaching supervision office on the second floor of the administration building for review and feedback.
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