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Seminar held in Xiamen

From October 13th to 16th, the "Second International Symposium on Cyberspace Security"  was successfully held in Xiamen International Conference Center, China. The conference was hosted by Fujian Normal University and Fujian Key Laboratory of Network Security and Cryptography, and co-organized by the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Network of Xidian University.


The CS 2016 conference invited ten well-known scholars from home and abroad to give special lectures, including Professor Yang Yixian from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor Gao Xinbo from Xidian University, Professor Deng Yi, Professor Lu Xianhui, Professor Lin Jingqiang, East China Normal University, East China Normal University Professor He Daojiing, Professor Ji Rongrong from Xiamen University, Professor Joseph Liu from Monash University in Australia, Professor Wang Qian from Wuhan University, Professor Zhang Zhenfeng from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Among them, Professor Gao Xinbo, director of the ISN State Key Laboratory of Xidian University, gave a special lecture entitled "Heterogeneous Face Image Synthesis and Recognition for Public Security". Relevant teachers and students of Xidian Network and Information Security School participated in this meeting and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with experts and scholars present.






At present, the wide range of network applications has made network attack methods emerge in an endless stream, and the situation of network and information security has become increasingly severe, which has become the focus of common attention of the government, academia, and industry. At this conference, more than 100 experts and scholars in the field of network security conducted in-depth discussions on hot topics such as cryptography, network security, cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and applications, further promote academic exchanges and cooperation to a complete success.

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