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Xidian University holds double election meeting

Industry and education are both opening up new bureaus, schools and enterprises are frequently seeking new chapters, revealing the rankings and making new achievements, and cultivating newcomers in the Qizhi Bay Area.


To further promote the integration of production and education in the new era, the supply side of high-level application-oriented talent training and the full integration of the structural elements of the enterprise demand side is promoted to promote the organic connection of the education chain, the talent chain, the industrial chain, and the innovation chain, and build a school-enterprise-government-funded collaboration and diversification As a community for educating people, Xidian University held the first "Education and Production Simultaneous Development, Qizhi Bay Area" at the Haiti Knowledge Center on May 8th. Vice President Shi Guangming participated in the dual election. At the round table forum, more than 400 representatives of participating companies and teachers, and students participated in the event.


At 9 am, the first-floor lobby of Haiti Knowledge Center B7 was crowded and orderly. The Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Seventh Research Institute of the Electric Power Group, ZTE Corporation, Hagia Communication, Yuanwanggu, Jingxin Communication, and Gosuncn 39 leading companies in the Bay Area, including CVTE, and other leading companies in the Bay Area, all came to the scene, recruiting talents, and providing scientific research practice positions covering electronic and communication engineering, integrated circuit, and chip design, network security and blockchain, cloud space and big data technology, Intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet of Things, robot control and other cutting-edge directions. At the double election meeting, several companies raised their intention to jointly build a school-enterprise joint laboratory and gave a list of technical and product issues that restrict the current development of the company. Six companies reached preliminary scientific research cooperation intentions with teacher representatives.




In the round table forum of the double election meeting, Shi Guangming, on behalf of Xidian, welcomed the representatives of participating companies and expressed his gratitude to the companies for actively participating in the "friend circle" of Xidian's integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation. He pointed out that Xidian, based on the development concept of "serving leading enterprises is serving the country", is striving to create a new mechanism for "integration of production and education" professional degree graduate training, and vigorously implement the "project system" professional degree graduate training supported by innovative scientific research projects. The new model is devoted to exploring the new standard, new structure, and new system of the "dual tutor system" that can benefit from the linkage between schools and enterprises. He emphasized that the cultivation of talents for the integration of industry and education should reflect the national will of innovation-driven development strategy, science, and education strategy, talent power strategy, etc. to "top the sky", and at the same time coordinate the needs of the enterprise, the demands of the students, and the requirements of the instructors. , To create a concentric, co-constructed, and shared ecological system, to "stand on the ground".


In the next stage, XD will adhere to the principle of mutual resources, complementary advantages, and mutual sharing of results, to break the old pattern of school-enterprise collaborative education mechanisms that are difficult to implement and implement, and innovate and deepen three pilot projects: First, we must deepen the introduction of enterprises. Resident teaching, promote the interoperability of physical space, communication space, and resource space, build joint innovation laboratories with companies, invite corporate mentors, superior resources, and craftsmanship so that students can practice and explore the scientific research practice of students. New paradigm; the second is to consolidate the project carrier, the projects that graduate students rely on should highlight cutting-edge, innovative, engineering, and systematic. Through scientific research project cooperation, promote the development of enterprises, student training, and mentor innovation to complement each other, and effectively bring students, The innovation potential of mentors and scientific research teams is transformed into the innovation kinetic energy of the enterprise's leapfrog development; the third is to explore the post-subsidy cooperation mechanism of unveiling the rankings and project traction, promoting the two-way symmetry of the enterprise demand guide and the information accumulated by the mentor’s scientific research so that teachers can understand the enterprise. It is necessary to let enterprises know the strength of teachers, encourage teachers to dare to reveal the list and solve the technical problems of “stuck neck” that restrict the development of enterprises. Based on the spirit of the contract, both schools and enterprises jointly explore cooperation models and incentive mechanisms for orderly iterative and benign development.




Participating business representatives actively made suggestions and suggestions on the cooperative education mechanism, the implementation of the dual tutor system, the scientific research cooperation model, and the development of complementary advantages, and jointly explored the practical path of "1+1>2" integration of industry and education.




It is reported that Xidian insists on being student-oriented, benchmarking the Ministry of Education's production-education integration demonstration base construction standards, taking empowering students to develop in an all-round way as the starting point and goal of professional degree graduate training, and guiding students to experience true skills, solve real problems, and do Real results, through restructuring the training process, innovating the "dual teacher" form, focusing on multiple evaluations and other series of trial-and-first combination boxing, continue to explore the "Western Electric Mode" of the integration of production and education in the new era. The school encourages instructors and the Bay Area Enterprises actively break the ice in thought, the breakthrough in action, give full play to the role of students as bridges, jointly broaden cooperation boundaries, promote resource integration, and use the collaborative practice of schools, enterprises, teachers, and students to cultivate high-end application-oriented talents through the integration of production and education. "Symphony of the Times".

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