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Huashan International Student Scholarship

The "Huashan Scholarship" (study in China) of Xidian University aims to subsidize outstanding overseas students to study in Xidian and encourage international students to work hard and complete their studies with excellent grades.

1. Scholarship content and standards

1.1 First-class scholarship (unit: RMB) exemption of tuition fees;
Provide scholarship living expenses: the standard is 1200/yuan/person/month for undergraduates, 1700/yuan/person/month for masters, and 2200/yuan/person/month for doctors.
1.2 Second-class scholarship free of tuition.
1.3 Third-class scholarship free of half-year tuition.

2. Applicant qualifications

2.1 Degree requirements: Applicants for master's degree must have obtained a bachelor's degree; applicants for the doctoral degree must have obtained a master's degree (if you have not obtained the corresponding degree, but you are expected to obtain it before enrollment, please provide written proof);
2.2 Good morals and outstanding grades;
2.3 Not other scholarship recipients.

3. Application deadline

June 10th


4. The application process

4.1 Applicants can obtain the "Xiandian University Huashan Scholarship Application Form for International Students in China" from the School of International Education of Xidian University, or download the form from http://sie.xidan.edu.cn.
4.2 Applicants should submit the completed application form for studying abroad, a copy of their passport, and relevant academic qualifications to the International Education College of Xidian University. 

5. Application materials

Applicants must truthfully fill in and submit the following application materials:
5.1 "Xiandian University Huashan Scholarship Application Form for International Students in China";
5.2 Proof of the highest degree;
5.3 Transcripts (original transcripts of all courses);
5.4 Letter of recommendation;
5.5 Study or research plan (Chinese or English, no less than 800 words).
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