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The committee went to Zhengzhou to study

April 30th to May 2nd, the 14th National Games Badminton Competition Committee organized personnel to go to Zhengzhou to observe and learn the "China Construction Bank Cup" 2021 National Badminton Championship and the 10th of the People’s Republic of China Badminton qualification competition for the 4th Games, and exchanges and discussions with China Badminton Association. Participating in the observation and learning are the 14th Badminton Competition Committee Comprehensive Coordination Office, Competition Organization Office, Safety Security Office, Medical Security Office, Anti-Doping Office, Volunteer Service Office, and the docking staff of the Territorial High-tech Zone Management Committee.






The competition committee and the team have learned the overall competition process from competition organization, venue, security, medical treatment, transportation, sports exhibition, and awards, and inspected the planning and use of function rooms in national badminton competition venues. The streamline, security, lighting, and other aspects of the stadium are guaranteed, and Zhuge Ruihan, the deputy director of the first division of the China Badminton Association, the chief referee, and the deputy chief referee of this competition, are also required and planning for the fourteenth game badminton test competition. Questions were discussed. During the inspection, with the help of the Chinese Badminton Association, the Competition Committee participated in and felt part of the work of the competition. In the next step, the Competition Committee will gradually implement the experience learned during the inspection and the requirements put forward at the symposium to ensure the June test competition. And the smooth holding of the September race.

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