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"School Cup" opening ceremony held successfully

To strengthen the construction of campus sports culture in colleges and universities, shape the healthy physique and integrity of college students, cultivate lifelong sports awareness, create a good campus culture atmosphere, and comprehensively promote quality education. Dingxiang No. 2 Academy actively responded to the call of the School Party Committee Student Work Department and the Sports Department to host the "Scholastic Cup" Sports Carnival basketball friendly match.


The opening ceremony was held on April 16 at the outdoor east basketball court next to Yuanwanggu Stadium. Mr. Zhang Junbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dingxiang No. 2 College, Mr. Yang Huike, Director of the Office, Mr. Cao Feng from the Sports Department of the referee, Chen Teng on behalf of the athletes, Yang Kaijie on behalf of the referees, and athletes from all participating teams attended the opening ceremony.






First of all, the chief referee, Mr. Feng Cao, will introduce the schedule of this competition: Seven teams are representing seven colleges participating in the competition, divided into two groups, A and B. The group round-robin system is adopted. Each team and the same group of teams will participate in the competition. Each team played against the other once. The top 2 of the group qualify, cross duel, the winner enters the final, and the remaining 2 compete for the third place. The competition rewards the top 3 teams, and selects 1 Most Valuable Player Award, 7 Best Teammate Award, and Best Defensive Player Award; In addition, a three-point shooting exhibition game will be held during the half-time of the final to reward the top 3 individuals. name.


Afterward, the participating teams displayed their slogans. The athletes from each academy chanted their own team's slogans, demonstrating the courage to fight, the unrelenting momentum, and the confidence of their teams to win the championship. After the slogan was displayed, representatives of the athletes and referees took the stage to speak. Athlete representative Chen Teng solemnly swears: "Comply with all regulations, observe the discipline of the game, respect the opponent, respect the referee, not be arrogant in victory, not be discouraged in defeat, and use the spirit of tenacious struggle to achieve the level and style of the game"; Referee representative Yang Kaijie solemnly promised: "Resolutely obey the command of the chief referee, strictly abide by the competition rules and referee discipline, strictly perform the duties of referees, abide by the professional ethics of sports, strictly enforce the law, and make fair referees; respect contestants and civilized referees."


Finally, Zhang Junbo delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. Secretary Zhang said: “All participating players must pay attention to the safety of the game, warm up by the coach’s arrangements, and pay attention to timely replenishment of water and energy. If you have any discomfort, you must contact the team leader and coach in time. Referees and staff; we must insist on friendship first and competition second. All participating teams must play hard, fight hard, play style, and level; I hope everyone can take the opportunity of this basketball game to strengthen communication and strengthen Physical exercise can be fully developed."


The "Scholastic Cup" basketball-friendly match upholds the concept of "inter-academic meeting, strengthening exchanges, five education simultaneously, and comprehensive development". The competition is used as a link to promote exchanges between academies and strengthen the connection between students from different academies; sports activities As an opportunity, guide students to have fun in physical exercises, strengthen their physical fitness, improve their personality, temper their will, and effectively improve their physical fitness to achieve all-round development; this basketball game will show the students’ positive youthful demeanor and enhance the inter-academy The friendship of the students shows the spirit of unity, harmony, and courage to fight.

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