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Introduction to undergraduate enrollment

Xidian University currently has 59 undergraduate majors with a 4-year schooling system. The four majors can provide English-taught courses: Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, and Business Administration. Please see Annex 1 for the professional catalog.


1. Eligibility for application

1.1 Applicants should be non-Chinese nationals. For those who were originally Chinese citizens and later became foreign nationals, our school will implement the Ministry of Education Jiaowaihan [2020] No. 12 documents.

1.2 Be in good health and must abide by Chinese laws and regulations and Xidian University discipline and school rules, and respect Chinese social ethics and customs.

1.3 Applicants must be at least 18 years old and graduate from high school.

1.4 Language ability:

(1) Applicants who apply for Chinese-taught majors must reach HSK Level 4 in Chinese. Those who do not meet the requirements can apply for our school’s Chinese language learning program and meet the standards; applicants whose mother tongue is Chinese or who use Chinese in high school are approved by us. As recognized by the school, HSK scores can be exempted;

(2) Applicants who apply for majors taught in English must have an English proficiency of 6.0 (inclusive) for IELTS or 80 (inclusive) for TOEFL; applicants from native English-speaking countries recognized by our school can apply for exemption from providing relevant English scores.


2. Application method

Applicants should log in to our school’s " International Student Application System "

( http://xdgjxs.xidian.edu.cn/internationalEducationStudent/2021/5 )

before April 30, 2021, to apply for registration and upload the application materials to complete the online application process.


2.1 List of application materials

(1) A scanned copy of the original notarized high school graduation certificate. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with scanned copies of Chinese or English notarized copies. Fresh graduates should be issued a "Pre-Graduation Certificate" by their school and must submit a scanned copy of the original high school graduation certificate after being admitted.

(2) Scanned copies of original transcripts of all courses in high school or scanned copies of internationally accepted standardized test scores (such as SAT/ACT/A-Level/AP/IB, etc.). Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be scanned in Chinese or English. Fresh graduates can provide current transcripts and submit all transcripts after admission.

(3) A scanned copy of the first page of a valid passport (valid for more than two years).

(4) Proof of Chinese and English language ability.

(5) Personal statement or study plan. The number of characters is not less than 600, written in Chinese or English.

(6) Applicants who have already applied in China must submit the passport and visa page, the scanned copy of the residence permit page, and the school performance certificate issued by the current school.

(7) "Foreigner Physical Examination Record". It is valid for six months from the date of issuance.

(8) No criminal record certificate. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by scanned copies of notarized documents in Chinese or English; the content of the certificate must indicate the validity period. If there is no validity period, it will be valid within six months from the date of issuance; fresh graduates in China can submit proof of school performance.

(9) Applicants for self-financed projects must provide an "Economic Guarantee Letter"

(10) Other supporting materials, such as recommendation letters, certificates of awards, proofs of thesis publication, etc.

(11) Application fee (600 yuan) payment voucher. Please refer to

http://sie.xidian.edu.cn/info/1075/2131.htm for payment details.


2.2 Application description

(1) All original documents provided by the applicant must be scanned in color with a scanner and uploaded. Photo files taken by mobile phones or cameras are not accepted, and copies are not accepted.

(2) If the application materials are incomplete, the application will not be accepted.

(3) Applicants must ensure that the filled-in application content and uploaded attachments are true and valid. If there is dishonesty, the eligibility to apply for this school will be permanently canceled.


3. Review and admission

3.1 The International Student Office of Xidian University will conduct a preliminary review based on the applicant's high school grades and language level. The application materials that meet the admission requirements will be reviewed by the professional college expert team and organized a retest. The form and time of the retest will be determined by the professional college. Applicants pay attention to email information at any time. After the re-examination is completed, the final admission list will be determined.

3.2 Applicants can check their application status through the "International Student Application System" at any time. Xidian University will mail the paper version of "Admission Notice" and the original "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" to the admitted applicants according to the address provided by the applicant in the system.

*Note: Applicants must provide detailed mailing information in the system, including room number, street number, area name, province and city name, postal code, and recipient's mobile phone number. If admitted, we will mail the admission materials according to the filled information, and no longer conform with the applicant. If you cannot receive the admission materials due to incomplete or inaccurate information, you will be responsible for the consequences.


4. Scholarship

Xidian University mainly provides the following scholarships for outstanding international students undergraduates:


4.1 Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese government scholarship usually subsidizes tuition, living expenses, accommodation, and medical insurance. After receiving the scholarship, students must undergo a strict annual review. Applicants can choose either Type A or Type B to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, but they cannot apply twice through the two channels.


(1) Type A-Country Bilateral Project

Majors to apply: All majors of our school can be applied. 

Application process: Apply to the dispatching department of foreign students in your country or the Chinese embassy (consulate-general) in that country. For the contact information of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. The application period is generally from November of the current year to April of the following year. Applicants can first contact our school to inform the scholarship application intention, and apply on our school’s " International Student Application System ". Our school will issue a "Pre-admission Notice" for eligible applicants. Applicants must confirm in After obtaining the pre-admission qualifications of our school, apply to the embassies and consulates abroad and log in to the " CSC Online Application System for Studying in China " (http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn) to complete the online scholarship application process, When applying, please select Type A for the "Type of Study Abroad Program", and the "Accepting Institution Number" can be consulted and obtained from the International Student Dispatch Department of your country.


(2) Type B-Silk Road Project

Majors to be applied for: Only the Chinese-taught items in the major catalog.

Application process: Applicants apply directly to Xidian University. Applicants must log in to the " China Scholarship Council Online Application System for Studying in China " ( http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn ) to complete the online application process for scholarships. When applying, please select category B for "Study Abroad Program Type". Accepting agency code" please fill in 10701. After completion, please download the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" and upload it to our school's "International Student Application System" along with other application materials.


4.2 Huashan Scholarship of Xidian University

First-class scholarship: including tuition and living expenses (1,200 RMB/person/month)

Second-class scholarship: including tuition

Third-class scholarship: 50% tuition fee included

Winners of the Huashan Scholarship are required to participate in the annual review and can continue to enjoy this scholarship after passing the review. Applicants must fill in the "Xiandian University Huashan Scholarship Application Form" and upload it to the "International Student Application System" of our school along with other application materials.


5. Visa application and admission

5.1 The admitted applicants should present their ordinary passport, admission notice, "Visa Application Form for Studying in China", "Physical Examination Form for Foreigners", and all original medical examination reports and other relevant visa materials to the Chinese embassy or consulate in their country X1 visa application (the specific requirements for visa materials are subject to the visa list provided by the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad), and with the originals of the above materials, go to Xidian University to go through the admission procedures at the time specified in the notice.

5.2 Xidian University's fall registration time is usually at the beginning of September. Freshmen must bring all the original application materials for the school to review their admission qualifications. Those who fail to meet the admission requirements will be disqualified.


6. Fee standard (calculated in RMB)

6.1 Application fee: 600 yuan

6.2 Tuition: 17,000 yuan/person/academic year

6.3 Medical insurance premium: 800 yuan/person/year

6.4 Accommodation fee: 5000~15000 yuan/person/year. Due to the limited accommodation resources on campus, the accommodation application is made on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who fail to book on-campus accommodation must contact off-campus accommodation by themselves.


7. Contact information

Admissions website: sie.xidian.edu.cn

Admissions Address: Room 306, Main Office Building, No. 266, Xinglong Section, Xifeng Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Zip code: 710126

Phone: +86-29-81891161

Email: sie@xidian.edu.cn

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