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Card and certificate processing

1. Apply for meal card/water card/campus card:

Step 1: International Student Office, issue a study certificate

Step 2: Administration Building, 100 RMB + Passport + Study Certificate = Campus Card

Step 3: International Students Office, campus card + 500 RMB = student card (only for undergraduates and postgraduates)

Campus card: eating, bathing, drinking water

Student card: eating, bathing, drinking water, borrowing books, attendance

Electric card: This card is limited to the use of air conditioners.

Handling location: HSK office

Required materials: passport, 100 RMB (charging card), dormitory key

2. Network card:

For campus WIFI

Step 1: Receive the account number and password from the International Students Office;

Step 2: Purchase a recharge card (20 yuan/month) in Room 108 of the Scientific Research Building (opposite the library);

Step 3: Recharge and use

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