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Hold Academic Salon

To further condense the subject research direction of teachers, strengthen teachers' exchanges and communication, effectively improve scientific research ability, and create a good academic atmosphere, on the morning of May 8, 2021, the School of Marxism held an academic salon for young teachers in the Marxist-Leninist Bookstore in the library. activity. Professor Yuan Zushe, Dean of the School of Philosophy and Government and Doctoral Supervisor of Shaanxi Normal University, was invited to give guidance. Professor Zhang Qin Xia, Dean of the School of Marxism, Professor Li Yonghu, Associate Dean, Professor Gao Yan, and some teachers and students participated in the exchange activity. The event was hosted by Professor Zhang Qin Xia, Dean of the School of Marxism.




On behalf of the School of Marxism, Professor Zhang Qinxia extended a warm welcome to Professor Yuan Zushe's visit and guidance and briefly introduced the goals and significance of academic salon activities. In the activity exchange link, the participating teachers conducted in-depth exchanges with Professor Yuan Zushe on issues such as personal current academic concerns and academic background relationships, project application and research direction selection, research in-depth development, and academic literacy improvement. Professor Yuan Zushe combined his more than 30 years of academic research experience to meticulously answer the questions raised by the teachers and put forward many constructive suggestions. At the same time, Professor Yuan Zushe encouraged young teachers to continue their academic accumulation in their work and practice to take the road of scientific research. First, they must seize the historic opportunity of the development of the Marxist Academy; second, they must deeply understand the true connotation of academic research; It is necessary to continue to deepen the research on academic real problems. In the end, Vice Dean Li Yonghu summarized the academic salon activities of Ben General and especially thanked Professor Yuan Zushe for his long-term all-around guidance on the construction and development of the School of Marxism.




The School of Marxism has always attached great importance to the improvement of teachers' academic research level and ability. In the future, the college will actively carry out a series of academic salon activities, through special seminars and extensive exchanges, to further expand teachers' academic vision, cultivate teachers' scientific research theoretical quality, and stimulate teachers' scientific research Energetic to gradually build a high-level team of ideological and political teachers.

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