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Carry out special training on ideological construction

On the morning of May 7, the school's 2021 propaganda and ideological work special training class officially opened on the Chang'an campus. Professor Han Jun, professor of the School of Journalism and Communication of Northwestern University, and dean of the New Media Research Institute of Northwestern University was invited to give the first special topic. Lecture. Wang Tianping, deputy secretary of the party committee, attended and presided over the first special report meeting. The heads of all units and departments, the party committee (party branch) secretaries, deputy secretaries, school work office directors, and all counselors listened to the special reports on the spot.




Professor Han Jun took "New Media Context and University News Propaganda and Report Innovation" as the topic, combined with vivid typical cases, analyzed and explained that under the background of the in-depth development of media integration, traditional media and new media launched major thematic publicity offices. Facing the opportunities and challenges, how to make good use of the opportunities and power of media integration, and improve the path of innovative theme propaganda. Professor Han’s lectures are in-depth and simple to understand and have strong practicality. They provide an important reference for our school to strengthen the construction of news and public opinion pattern and promote the innovative practice of publicity and reporting under the background of media integration.


In the concluding speech of the first report meeting, Deputy Secretary Wang Tianping pointed out that the key to doing Xiwai’s affairs and telling Xiwai’s stories well lies in the Xiwai people. The school’s good reputation embodies all Xiwai people, especially all teachers and students on the propaganda and ideological front. Wisdom and contribution. He hopes that the teachers and students of the school will fully understand the significance of carrying out party history learning and education, and with a high sense of responsibility and mission, they will thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on propaganda and ideological work and important expositions on news and public opinion work, and improve their ideological understanding. , Strengthen organizational leadership, carefully design links, strengthen propaganda and reporting, create a strong atmosphere, and guide the majority of party members to learn from party history, and use their outstanding achievements to present gifts to the centennial of the Communist Party of China.


From May 7th to 8th, the school also invited Feng Li, the head of the Shaanxi reporter station of the China Education News, and Huang Bo, the head of the Shaanxi reporter station of the China Youth Daily, to hold two special pieces of training on propaganda and ideological work. Information liaison officers of units and departments, correspondents of teachers and students, and the backbone of students, etc.




With the topic of "How to Discover, Discover and Write Educational News", Feng Li combined with a large number of vivid news collection and writing examples to teach news discovery and writing simply and simply, and shared her valuable experience in education news writing for many years. With the theme of "Articles Are Readable, News Is Important to Dissemination-News Collection and Writing", Mr. Huang Bo vividly and vividly taught the methods and methods of news collection and writing based on his rich journalism work experience, emphasizing the need to be sensitive to capture and diligent in recording, Starting from the details, small incisions, and multiple angles, the newsgathering and writing work is carried out efficiently.




In recent years, our school has been guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on propaganda and ideological work, firmly grasping the mission of raising the banner, gathering people’s hearts, cultivating newcomers, invigorating culture, and developing image, and has carried out a series of positive media integration constructions. Through exploration, the school has distinctive characteristics and frequent highlights in the news media, and its popularity and influence in the west, the country, and countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” have been continuously increasing. This special training on propaganda and ideological work is an active exploration carried out by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee under the strong leadership of the school party committee and centered on "I do practical things for teachers and students". In the future, the Propaganda Department will take the initiative, work closely around the center of the school, join hands with all units and departments, always stick to the correct political direction, take "vigor, sentiment, and responsibility" as the mainline, and always put the starting point and end of the propaganda work Serve teachers and students wholeheartedly, go deep into the front line of the grassroots, use warm and down-to-earth news works to promote the solution of urgent and worrying problems for teachers and students, help the school’s propaganda and ideological work to create a new situation, and open the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the school Journey provides a strong ideological guarantee, strong spiritual motivation, rich moral nourishment, and good cultural conditions.

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