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Undergraduate Admissions Guide

Majors that can be reported: "Catalogue of Undergraduate Enrollment Majors for International Students" (click to download)

Study period: 3 years to 6 years Start time: around September each year Application time: Deadline on May 30 of that year


1. Application conditions

1.1 Non-Chinese citizens who hold a valid foreign passport and have an educational background equivalent to Chinese high school graduation or above;

1.2 Residents of Mainland China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who have immigrated to a foreign country as foreign students must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (inclusive), and have actually been abroad within the last 4 years Records of residence for more than 2 years (the actual residence abroad for 9 months in a year can be calculated as 1 year, subject to entry and exit signatures);

1.3 Age 16~30 (Applicants under the age of 18 must provide legal documents of guardian in China);

1.4 Applicants for non-Chinese majors must pass the HSK-4 and major entrance exams.


2. Registration method

2.1 Online registration;

2.2 On-site registration: directly register at the International Student Admissions Office of the Chinese College of Xi'an International Studies University Yanta Campus;

2.3 Email registration: send the electronic version of the application materials to the International Student Admissions Office Email: admission@xisu.edu.cn / xisuadmission@163.com.


3. Application materials

3.1 Application form for professional study (can be downloaded online or picked up at the office)

3.2 High school graduation certificate and transcript:

(1) The original Chinese or English copy with the seal and signature of the institution, or the notarized Chinese or English translation.

(2) Fresh graduates can first provide the originally expected graduation certificate issued by the school.

3.3 Copy of HSK certificate

3.4 Copy of passport

3.5 Applicants under the age of 18 must provide legal documents of their guardian in China

3.6 Applicants for art-related majors of the Art College must provide originals of recent works

Note: The above materials will not be returned regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not.


4. Contact us

Admissions Office, No. 5 Teaching Building, Yanta Campus, Xi'an International Studies University, No. 437, Chang'an South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, China Post Code: 710061

Phone: 0086-29-85309431

Fax: 0086-29-85246154

Email: admission@xisu.edu.cn / xisuadmission@163.com


5. Cost

Undergraduate students (RMB/per person):

Duration Registration fee (yuan) Tuition (yuan) Insurance (yuan) Teaching material fee (yuan) (a refund for more and less for a supplement)
one semester 400 8000 400 300
One academic year 600 16000 800 300


About payment:

(1) Personal remittance is not accepted

(2) When registering for school, please pay at the HSK office on-site

(3) Payment method:

① Cash (RMB)

② The  Union-pay card can be used for tuition, accommodation, and accommodation deposit


6. Length of study and certificate

Learning category Years of study Obtain the certificate Remarks
Language students >=1 week Learning to prove pass the test
Undergraduate 2~6 years Undergraduate graduation certificate, credit hour degree certificate pass the test
master 2~3 years Postgraduate diploma, master degree certificate pass the test
Short-term students 1 week to 3 months Learning to prove pass the test
Preppy At least one semester Learning to prove pass the test
One to one —— Learning to prove  


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