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End of joint school running activities

To further strengthen and improve the union work of the two universities under the new situation, promote the innovation and development of union work, and enhance exchanges, on April 19, Ji Huilan, secretary of the Party branch and executive vice chairman of the Trade Union of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, led Qin Huaimao, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the labor union of the School of Accounting A group of 10 people with grass-roots trade union leaders and trade union cadres visited our school to carry out party day activities with the theme of "learning party history, studying the country's strength, and fulfilling the mission".


The heads of the relevant colleges (departments) of our school and the visitors held discussions on the construction of the labor union system, democratic management, faculty, and staff welfare and rights protection, cultural promotion of the school, and cultural and sports activities of faculty and staff. During the symposium, Comrade Ge Guo, the secretary of the school’s party committee, visited the site in person and talked about the importance of strengthening exchanges between fraternal colleges and universities, how trade union organizations should integrate party history learning and education, and how to effectively perform trade union functions around the central work of colleges and universities under the new situation and give full play to them. The role of the trade union was to do a good job for the majority of faculty and staff and had a cordial conversation with the participants.




After the symposium, the visitors visited the party history learning and education base of the School of Marxism of our school, the offline experience space of the library "learning to power the country" and the practice base of the Chinese ethnic community consciousness of the school of preparatory education, and signed the "Party Building Communist Party" with the school labor union. Established” agreement.



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