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Chinese Government Scholarship

Xinjiang Normal University is located in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with a total area of 2864 mu. It is divided into three campuses: Wenquan, Kunlun, and Wenguang. At present, the university has 20 colleges, disciplines, and majors, covering 10 disciplines, forming a complete education system of graduate education, general undergraduate education, and international student education. The school attaches great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation, and actively carries out domestic and foreign exchange and cooperation in education, science, and technology, culture, etc. It is an institution of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of China and has been awarded "excellent Confucius Institute" by the Hanban. At the same time, the university has also set up the Ministry of Education's "China education demonstration base for international students" and the State Council's overseas Chinese Affairs Office's "China Education Base".

At present, our university has more than 500 international students from 13 countries, including Kazakhstan, Turkey, Mongolia, and South Korea. There are more than 10 students in 9 universities, including the school of international cultural exchange, the school of political science and law, and the school of business. They are divided into undergraduate students, master students, master students, and doctoral students. The University also offers various Chinese cultural experience courses for international students and organizes various social and cultural practice activities on a regular basis.


(1) Applicant qualifications

1. Non-Chinese citizens, in good health

2. Education background and age of the applicant:

1) Those who come to China to study for one academic year (only for students from SCO countries) must have a bachelor's degree or above and be under the age of 35;

2) Those who come to China to study for undergraduate majors must have a high school degree or above, and their age shall not exceed 25 years old;

3) Those who come to China to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, and their age shall not exceed one year old;

4) People who come to China to study for a doctorate. A military rank must have a master's degree or equivalent and must not exceed one year old.

3. Language requirements

First-year students: HSK Level 3 180 or above

Undergraduate: HSK level 4 above 180

Master / doctor. Student: HSK level 4 score 180 or above.

(all majors are taught in Chinese. Except for one-year students, other categories can offer one-year tuition in Chinese.)

4. Voluntarily accept China and Xinjiang Normal University's regulations on the management of international students.


(2) Full scholarship:

1. Tuition and accommodation fees

2. Monthly living expenses:

1) One year students: 3000 yuan;

2) Undergraduate: 2500 yuan;

3) Postgraduate: 3000 yuan;

4) Doctoral students: 3500 yuan;

3. Provide comprehensive medical insurance for Chinese Government Scholarship international students in China.


(3) Application process

1. Log in to the Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying Abroad in China login Register, fill out and submit the application, then download and print two copies of the application form.

2. Log in to the online service system for international students of Xinjiang Normal University Register, fill out and submit the application, then download and print two copies of the application form.

3. Mail the following application materials to Xinjiang Normal University:

1) "Chinese government scholarship application form";

2) "Application form for studying in China of Xinjiang Normal University";

3) The highest degree certificate (copy of graduation certificate or rank certificate and notarized Chinese English translation). If the applicant is a student, the graduation certificate issued by the school must be submitted;

4) Transcript (copy and notarized Chinese English translation), with the official seal of the school;

5) Study and research plan in China (including the reasons for applying for major, knowledge of applied major, study plan, etc., no less than 800 words, which must be signed in person);

6) Letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in Chinese or English (signature of the recommender is required);

7) "Foreigners' physical examination record" and blood test report (copy, original, must be filled in English, the test result is valid for 6 months)

8) A copy of the passport page and two 2-inch white background photos

9) Can submit academic achievements, all kinds of cultural and sports activities award-winning certificates.

10) Students applying for music major must submit CDs of their works.

11) Deadline for application: March 31, 2020 (paper materials in triplicate)

Note: no matter whether you are accepted or not, the application materials will not be returned.


(4) Admission process

1. Before May 31, the University announced the pre-admission list of the Chinese study abroad application platform through the student application mailbox of Xinjiang Normal University;

2. Before June 30, the University announced the final admission list through the student application mailbox of Xinjiang Normal University;

3. At the beginning of August, the school will send out the admission notice and visa application form (JW201), waiting for the admission materials to be sent to the students, or the students will come to our school to collect them.

4. You are not allowed to change your major after being admitted.

5. When registering, you must bring the original graduation certificate or rank certificate, the original physical examination certificate, and the original blood test report to our school.

6. Starting time: September 1st every year (subject to the admission notice).


(5) Contact us

1. Mailing address:

No.102, new road, shaibak District, Xinyi, Urumqi

Zipcode: 830054

Contact: Sun Yajie and Wang Huijuan

Contact number: 0086-991-4333950,13565547985,15999132595


2. Contact


Phone: 0086-991-4333950

Fax: 0086-991-4333145

Address: Room 0523, international education building, 102 Xinyi Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

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