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East China Normal University visits XJNU

On the afternoon of April 21, 2021, entrusted by the school’s party committee, comrades from the relevant functional departments of East China Normal University visited our school’s Ph.D. representatives in China Normal University and had discussions and exchanges. Director Ji Rong of the Personnel Office presided over the symposium. Leaders of the Development Planning Office, Educational Affairs Office, Scientific Research Office, and Propaganda Department, and other functional departments and training class committee members attended the seminar.


Director Ji Rong first conveyed the concern and condolences of the school’s party committee to the Ph.D. candidate at China Normal University and introduced the school’s current goal of “focusing on morality, fostering talents and building a first-class teacher” to promote the school’s high-quality development. The work situation, and conveyed the spirit of the speech at the school’s 2021 doctoral symposium held by Secretary Ge Guo last week, emphasizing that the construction of the faculty is an important guarantee for the school to carry out various tasks. The doctoral teachers are our school to optimize the teacher structure and promote the school The main force of connotation construction, the party committee attaches great importance to and cares about the growth and development of Ph.D. teachers in our school, and will continue to increase efforts to research and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by Ph.D. teachers in the study, work, and life, and provide effective services and Guarantee work and create a good learning and working environment for everyone. The Development Planning Office, Academic Affairs Office, Scientific Research Office, and other functional departments introduced the school’s recent and upcoming policies and measures related to Ph. Integrate development and school development, strive to return from school as soon as possible, and contribute to a new round of development and construction of the school.


Representatives of Ph.D. faculty students made speeches one by one, exchanged their academic situation, shared their feelings in the process of Ph.D., and expressed that they will work hard to overcome difficulties in academics and life, study hard, carry out academic research steadily, and return on time. The school, with the fullest state and enthusiasm, contributes to school education, teaching and development, and reform. At the same time, the doctoral representatives also put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on the school's talent training, discipline construction, academic research, etc., and communicated with the leaders of the functional departments on the relevant problems encountered during the study. The leaders of the functional departments said that they would The doctors’ questions and suggestions are reported to the school’s party committee and carefully studied, coordinated, and implemented.


After the symposium, the participating department-level cadres took a group photo with the doctoral teacher representatives.



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