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The teacher-student cultural street opened

To enrich the form of "Three Good Dormitories", solve the problems of stacking of idle items in student dormitories and reuse of idle items of graduates, promote comprehensive utilization and recycling of resources, advocate the concept of "sharing, mutual assistance, environmental protection, and communication", and promote diligence and thrift. Traditional virtues, the establishment of correct consumption concepts and values, the Student Affairs Department (Division) organized and carried out the "New Teacher Bazaar" teacher and student cultural street activities with the theme of "Enriching the Campus Bazaar Culture and Building a Youthful and Vigorous Campus". The market will be opened at the third campus at 19:00 on April 16.




On the opening day of the “New Teacher Bazaar”, the school’s party secretary Ge Guo, party committee member and vice president Wang Xiaofeng, vice president Gulipari Abdullah, and party committee member and vice president Sun Xiuling came to the event and had a cordial exchange with students And bought items sold by the students. The booths displayed a wide variety of items for sale at a favorable price, ranging from books, teaching materials, public examination materials, and other cultural goods, to clothing accessories, bracelets and earrings, flowers and other daily necessities, sporting goods, etc. The students were also ingenious Work-study booths were set up for photography, song order, and filming. Students who came to the shop chose their favorite items and returned with a full load. The activity site was in an orderly manner. The students enhanced their financial concepts and interpersonal communication skills during item sharing, experienced the joy of participating in sales independently, created a good campus cultural atmosphere, and made beautiful scenery on the campus.






To ensure the smooth progress of the market opening activities, the Student Affairs Department (office) divided the booths by colleges for the students who signed up, and the logistics service center strengthened the protection of lighting and power supply to the street market and the sanitation of the venue. The Security Officer and the University Student Self-Discipline Management Committee, which is a student self-government organization, are responsible for maintaining the order of the event. In the future, the "New Teacher Bazaar" teacher and student cultural street activities will be carried out in our school for a long time.

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