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Wang Xiaofeng visits "group" precision teaching teachers

On April 22, Wang Xiaofeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, visited all the teachers of our school at Kashgar University in the "group-style" precision teaching support and had a discussion. Deng Yong, deputy secretary of the party committee of Kashgar University, and Sun Weiguo, member of the standing committee of the party committee and vice president of Kashgar University, attended the forum.


At the symposium, Deng Yong, on behalf of the Party Committee of Kashgar University, welcomed Wang Xiaofeng and his entourage and introduced the participation of our school's precision teaching teachers in teaching and research, party history learning and education, and epidemic prevention and control during their work in Kashgar University. Sun Weiguo affirmed the teaching work of our school's support teachers and said that their dedication, hard work, dedication, and selfless dedication have won widespread praise from teachers and students of Kashgar University.


Wang Xiaofeng first thanked Kashgar University for its meticulous care and concern for precision teaching teachers in their work and life and then sent all the teachers who traveled to Kashgar University to participate in the “group-style” precision teaching support to the school’s party committee. The concern and greetings, encourage everyone to be based on their posts, actively give play to their professional advantages and expertise, work steadily, complete high-quality education support work, and make due contributions to the reform and development of Kashgar University.


The supporting teachers reported their work, study, and life at Kashgar University one by one. Professor Tasimati Yusufu from the School of Physics and Electronic Engineering gave an academic report in the college, supervised 4 undergraduate and master's degree thesis, and supervised 1 young teacher. Teacher Hu Yanhua of the School of Foreign Languages not only undertakes 12 hours of teaching a week, but also was hired as the director of the university's English teaching and research section, and organized a young teacher talk contest. Teachers Sun Haojie and Li Yong of the School of Geographical Sciences and Tourism applied for the establishment of two horizontal projects for the School of Economics and Management in 2021, with a funding of 375,000 yuan. Supporting teachers have expressed that Kashgar University provides a good working and living environment. They will take the learning and education activities of party history as an opportunity to keep their mission in mind, live up to their trust, perform their duties earnestly, work hard, and strive to provide qualified support for teaching work. Answer sheet.


Since 2019, our school has resolutely implemented the decision and deployment of the autonomous region’s party committee and implemented the autonomous region’s “group-style” precise teaching support work. In September 2019 and September 2020, two batches of 42 key teachers were selected to participate in the teaching support work at Kashgar University. Undertake the teaching work of more than 120 courses.





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