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Chinese advanced student program

1. Project introduction

This project focuses on cultivating international students' Chinese language foundation and communication skills, and at the same time integrates Chinese national conditions and cultural teaching into language teaching, and cultivates students' cross-cultural communication skills. To accurately distinguish the Chinese proficiency of international students, the Chinese Language Training Center of the International Education Institute will arrange a Chinese proficiency test at the beginning of the semester and classify students according to their scores. The Chinese language training program is divided into five levels teaching three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Students with outstanding Chinese proficiency can also study relevant courses of our college's Chinese language undergraduate major according to their specific conditions.


(1) Course level:

Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced


(2) School system:

1st semester, 1st grade


(3) Opening hours

Spring semester: March/Fall semester: September


(4) Main courses

Compulsory courses: Chinese listening, Chinese speaking, Chinese reading, Chinese writing

Elective courses: Tai Chi, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese folk songs, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese cuisine, etc.


(5) Expense details

Registration fee: RMB 500. (Regardless of admission or not, the registration fee will not be refunded)

Tuition: one semester: 8,000 yuan; one academic year: 15,000 yuan

Insurance premium: 800 yuan/year

Accommodation fee: 10,000 yuan / half a year-17,000 yuan / half a year; 18,000 yuan / year-25,000 yuan / year; specific to the room type selected


(6) Project features

Small class teaching: no more than 20 students per class

Certificate of Completion: Official transcripts and certificates of completion will be issued to students who have completed the course

Training goals: to cultivate international students with an international perspective, to train their language application skills and cross-cultural communication skills, and to improve their Chinese, cultural and professional qualities


2. Application time and admission requirements

(1) Application time

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but due to the limitation of the number of language classes, it is recommended to complete from November 20 to January 30 of the following year (application for admission in March) and March 1 to June 30 (application for admission in September) Application


(2) Admission requirements

1) Over 18 years old, under 45 years old, in good health

2) Hold a valid foreign passport


3. Application materials

(1) Valid ordinary passport

(2) Certificate of no criminal record

(3) Physical examination for foreigners

(4) Proof of registration fee payment. Registration fee: RMB 500


4. The application process

(1) Online registration system of International Education College: http://isso.xjtu.edu.cn/recruit/login

(2) Upload the scanned version of the application materials to the online report system

(3) Pay related fees according to the notice

(4) Application completed


5. Course content

The courses are divided into major courses and elective courses. Major courses include Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Spoken, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading, and Chinese Writing. Elective courses include Chinese character writing, correct Chinese pronunciation, calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper-cutting art, Chinese folk songs, Tai Chi, etc. Undergraduate students can also take courses such as business Chinese, Chinese poetry, ancient literature, modern and contemporary literature, Chinese character history and development, film and television appreciation, and selected idioms. In addition, each semester will organize students to carry out language and cultural practice activities in or around Xi'an and various cultural practice bases of our school.

In addition, the Chinese Language Training Center also provides remote Chinese live or recorded courses for students.


6. Classification of language students

The project level, course content, and learning objectives are set as follows.


Course content

learning target


Elementary 1


Class 1)

Master the semantics and writing of 300-500 words; be able to communicate simple and direct on familiar daily topics in Chinese.

The comprehensive Chinese ability reaches the HSK Level 2 level.


Elementary 2


Class 2)

Master the semantics and writing of 500-800 words; be able to complete basic communication tasks in life, study, and work in Chinese.

The comprehensive Chinese ability reaches or exceeds HSK level three.


Intermediate 1

(Learning Class 3)

Master the semantics and writing of 800-1200 words; be able to talk about topics in a wider range of fields in Chinese, and be able to talk with native speakers basically fluently.

The comprehensive Chinese ability exceeds HSK Level 3 or reaches Level 4.


Intermediate 2

(Learning Class 4)

Master the semantics and writing of 1200-2000 words; be able to conduct in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics in Chinese, and be able to talk with native speakers more fluently.

The comprehensive Chinese ability exceeds HSK Level 4 or reaches Level 5.



(Learning Class 5)

Master the semantics and writing of 2000-3500 words; be able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese film and television programs, and fluently talk with native speakers or express their opinions in Chinese.

The comprehensive Chinese ability reaches or exceeds HSK Level 5.



7. Evaluation and assessment methods

Course evaluation adopts written test or written test + oral test. Total grade = 50% of usual grades + 40% of final grades + 10% of attendance and class performance.


8. Scholarship

Chinese language students can apply for International Chinese Teacher Scholarship and Xi'an One Belt One Road Scholarship for International Students

Note: According to the situation of the epidemic situation, the project will adopt the form of face-to-face or online teaching as appropriate. Please follow the project notice at any time.

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