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The total amount of paper literature resources collected by the library of Xinjiang University is more than 1.84 million, including about 1.58 million in the library and 250000 in the reference rooms of various departments. Xinjiang minority language (Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Uzbek, Mongolia, etc.) literature and Xinjiang local literature are characteristic collections.




1. Library management

The library of Xinjiang University has 107 staff members, which are composed of Han, Uygur, Kazak, Uzbek, Hui, Manchu, and other nationalities. There are 47 minority staff members, accounting for 43% of the total number of the library; Among the staff of the library, there are 17 with senior titles and 49 with intermediate titles. The library has one librarian, one general Party branch secretary, and Deputy Librarian, and three deputy librarians. It has an administrative office, circulation department, Periodical Department, information service center, CALIS Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region document information service center office, ancient books, and local document department, acquisition and editing department, and technology department.




The automatic management system of Xinjiang university library uses the "Huiwen document information service system" developed by Jiangsu Huiwen Software Co., Ltd., which is based on the management model of the large-scale library, adopts the two-tier network architecture mode of the branch library and head library, and adopts the large-scale Oracle relational database management system. The system includes eight modules: acquisition, cataloging, circulation, periodical management, public query, system management, OPAC query, and Z39.50, which can manage the daily work of the library comprehensively and carefully.


2. Library contribution

For a long time, the library of Xinjiang University takes providing literature guarantee service for teaching and scientific research wholeheartedly as the core and eternal purpose, adheres to the principle of "reader first, service first", advocates "first asking for responsibility", implements "service commitment" and "listing for the post". Actively promote the development of the work, for the school to cultivate high-quality construction personnel to make due contributions. With the continuous improvement of the digital library construction, the library's literature guarantee ability will be greatly enhanced.


3. Library Construction

At the end of 2002, Xinjiang University Library started the construction of the digital library. The school invested 9 million yuan to update the automatic management equipment and network facilities. Besides, we have purchased some electronic information resources, including 13 kinds of CD-ROM databases and network databases: China journal full-text database, China Science and technology journal full-text database, Wanfang Data Resource System, China information bank, ProQuest dissertation full-text database, OCLC FirstSearch basic group database, Elsevier, Kluwer, Springer, and ACS full-text electronic journal databases, There are also founder, superstar and scholar e-books, with a total storage capacity of 7TB. The library has built its own bibliographic database of Chinese, folk, and some foreign books, with more than 186000 pieces of data. We are working on the establishment of the "Xinjiang University dissertation database", "collection of newspapers and periodicals bibliography database" and "collection of Xinjiang local literature bibliography and full-text database".



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