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Ability improvement class starts smoothly



On the morning of March 31, the opening ceremony of the 2021 party branch secretary ability and quality improvement class of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch was successfully held at Xinjiang University. Xu Xianyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang University, and Wang Man, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Responsible comrades from the Party Committee Work Department of Xinjiang Branch of China Southern Airlines and the School of Continuing Education of Xinjiang University attended the opening ceremony. 36 Party branch secretaries from the Xinjiang Branch of China Southern Airlines participated in the training.




At the opening ceremony, Xu Xianyi, on behalf of Xinjiang University, expressed congratulations on the smooth opening of the training class and extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the leaders and all the trainees of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch. In his speech, he pointed out that China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch and Xinjiang University have a good foundation for cooperation, and there is a broad space for cooperation in the future. This training opportunity will deepen the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and work together to contribute to the overall goal of Xinjiang's work.


In his speech, Wang Man expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Xinjiang University for the training teachers, teaching resources, and dedicated services provided to China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch, and put forward three requirements to all trainees: First, improve their ideological understanding and enhance their sense of responsibility as party branch secretary, Sense of mission and urgency; second, we must highlight the problem orientation, improve the pertinence, innovation, and effectiveness of the work; third, we must persist in applying what we have learned to improve the cohesion, combat effectiveness, and execution of the branch. She hopes that all the trainees will cherish this rare learning opportunity, be strict with themselves, lead by example, seriously invest in the training, take the responsibility of the party branch secretary, and lead the high-quality development of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch with high-quality party building.




The training course lasted three days. Our school attaches great importance to it. The specific organizer, the School of Continuing Education, carefully designs the curriculum, invites experts and scholars with profound knowledge and rich teaching experience to give special lectures, and comprehensively uses a variety of teaching methods such as theoretical lectures, structured seminars, and micro-party class competitions to guide The party branch secretary consciously uses the "four consciousnesses" to navigate, the "four self-confidence" to strengthen the foundation, and the "two maintenance" to cast the soul, providing strong support for the training of high-quality party branch secretaries by China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch.

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