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Long-term Chinese Language Training Program

1. Project overview

It is open to applicants of different Chinese proficiency. According to students’ Chinese proficiency, they are divided into three levels: elementary (including zero-start), intermediate, and advanced. Small class teaching is implemented, and intensive training is provided in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, supplemented by new HSK tutoring, idiom stories, and watching movies. Elective courses such as learning Chinese, Chinese Kungfu, and Chinese painting. Strive to improve students' Chinese language and communication skills in an all-around way, so that they can use Chinese to learn, work and live better. The college will provide transcripts and certificates of completion for students who have completed their studies.


2. Semester time

September to January (fall semester); February to June (spring semester); June to July (third semester).


3. Class hours

Monday to Friday.

Note: Classes with different levels of Chinese use different timetables, about 18-24 class hours per week.

Enrolling students for the spring semester of 2021:

Semester time: February 2021 to June 2021 (spring semester)

Registration deadline: If you want to register after the deadline on January 10, 2021, please consult us first.

* Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, there are still uncertainties in enrollment and curriculum arrangements for the spring semester of 2021. The final arrangement may be adjusted according to the development of the epidemic. If applicants are unable to study in China for face-to-face instruction due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the college will provide online interactive courses for teaching.


4. Course introduction (there will be changes every semester, subject to the actual published timetable)

4.1 Compulsory courses

Comprehensive Chinese, spoken Chinese, and Chinese listening.

Introduction to required courses

  • Comprehensive Chinese (Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese): Through teaching, systematically teach Chinese pronunciation skills and rules, Chinese character recognition and writing, teach Chinese vocabulary and grammar knowledge and application methods, and cultivate the ability to write in Chinese, A comprehensive mastery of Chinese knowledge, to lay a solid foundation for Chinese application.

  • Spoken Chinese: Through specialized teaching and sufficient practice, gradually improve the oral communication ability of Chinese in a pleasant atmosphere of the course and understand the oral communication skills of Chinese people. With the improvement of Chinese proficiency, be able to fully and fluently state one's own personal opinions or talk with others on related topics, and the speed of speaking will continue to increase; the habit of thinking in Chinese is initially formed, and suitable expressions can be selected according to the characteristics of the communicative occasion and target Way; have a certain ability to respond to language.

  • Chinese Listening: Improve Chinese listening skills through specialized teaching and adequate contact. Able to better understand the main intentions of the speaker in communication, have stronger and stronger ability to distinguish and analyze, associate and guess, summarize and summarize, understand faster and faster speech, and listen to familiar radio and television programs. Gradually adapt to faster and faster speaking speeds and adapt to real Chinese communication. Cultivate the ability to absorb new words and new usages in the process of listening, and improve the ability to feel Chinese. This kind, of course, is about 4 hours per week, divided into three levels: elementary, middle, and high.

  • Chinese reading: Improve Chinese reading level through specialized teaching and sufficient exercises. Able to gradually understand general literature, news, and daily official letters. Can jump obstacles, understand the general idea, master the main points, clarify the clues and levels of narrative articles, can summarize the themes of the article with the help of titles, keywords, central sentences, etc., have the self-learning ability to independently remove difficult obstacles using reference books, and gradually improve Reading speed.


4.2 Elective courses

New HSK tutoring, idiom stories, economic and trade oral language, newspaper reading, modern Chinese vocabulary, modern Chinese grammar, modern Chinese rhetoric, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Kungfu, watching movies to learn Chinese, etc. (Part of the above courses are offered according to the number of courses selected in each semester).


4.3 Course selection form

The college gives suggestions for choosing courses based on students' Chinese level. Students choose courses freely, with less than 24 credits per semester.

Note: In the course of teaching implementation, curriculum settings may be adjusted.


5. Campus activities

Chinese corner, Chinese cultural experience, "China Day", "mini Expo", "International Youth Talk", international student photo contest, the basketball match, football match, campus sports meeting, "Xiamen International Marathon" and other cultural and sports activities. In traditional Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc, and other festivals such as Songkran and Loi Krathong, there are related cultural experience activities.


6. Grant the certificate

Completion certificate of Xiamen University Overseas Education College.


7. Expenses

Registration fee: 400 yuan, only charged in the first semester of freshmen;

Tuition: 13,000 yuan/semester, 26,000 yuan/academic year;

Other fees will be paid separately after arriving at the school. For specific information, please refer to the "Study Abroad Expenses" column.

Note: The tuition fee for this semester will not be refunded after the student completes the registration and starts to study. If you apply for a refund before the registration date, you can refer to the relevant regulations of Xiamen University to refund a certain percentage of the tuition fee.


8. Eligibility for application

8.1 18-60 years old;

8.2 Good health;

8.3 High school degree or above.


9. Application documents

9.1 Personal photos;

9.2 A scanned copy of the first page of the passport (ordinary passport, and valid until after October 31, 2021);

9.3 A scanned copy of the original copy of the highest academic degree certificate and a scanned copy of the fair copy in Chinese or English;

9.4 A scanned copy of the HSK certificate and transcript (if the certificate has been obtained).


10. How to apply

Please refer to the "Application Steps" column.


11. Deadline for application

Spring: January 10th; Autumn: July 10th.


12. Warm reminder

You can see the completion of each application step and the admission progress of the school in the "application status".


13. Consultation method

Contact: Teacher Ding / Teacher Yan

Phone: 0086-592-2186211

Email: oec@xmu.edu.cn

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