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Confucius Institute Scholarship

To meet the international community’s increasing demand for Chinese language education talents, promote the development of Chinese language education around the world, and help the growth of international Chinese language education talents, the Ministry of Education’s Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) has established an international Chinese teacher scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the Center) Referred to as scholarship), focusing on training qualified overseas Chinese teachers. Confucius Institutes, independently established Confucius Classrooms, some Chinese test sites, relevant foreign educational institutions, Chinese teachers majors in universities/Chinese departments, relevant foreign Chinese teaching industry organizations, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad, etc. (hereinafter referred to as recommended institutions) Excellent students and in-service Chinese teachers can be recommended to Chinese universities (hereinafter referred to as host colleges) to study and further study Chinese international education and related majors.

Xiamen University was founded by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee1921 Founded in2017Selected countries in the yearAList of colleges and universities for the construction of world-class universities. Since the establishment of the school, the school has developed into a comprehensive university with a complete range of subjects, strong teachers, ranking first in the country, and having extensive international influence. The school actively participates in the international promotion of the Chinese language and has established cooperation with universities in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and other regions.15Confucius Institute, and was approved to build the "Confucius Institute Dean Institute". The campus is surrounded by mountains and sea, with beautiful scenery, and has become one of the most beautiful university campuses in China.


(1) Funding target

1. Non-Chinese nationals;

2. Physical and mental health, good character and learning;

3. Aspiring to engage in Chinese education, teaching and related work;

4. Age is16-35One years old (unified with2021year9moon1Daily). In-service Chinese teachers relax to45One year old. Applicants for undergraduate scholarships are generally under the age of 25.


(2) Scholarship categories and application conditions

1. Master students majoring in Chinese international education will enter school in September 2021, and the funding period is 2 years. Bachelor degree. The Chinese test scores reached 210 points in HSK (Level 5) and 60 points in hskk (intermediate). It is preferred to provide the work agreement or relevant certificates of the institution to teach after graduation.

2. One year trainees will enter school in September 2021, and the subsidy period is 11 months. Foreign students in China will not be admitted. In the direction of Chinese international education, the score of Chinese test reaches 270 points of HSK (level III), with hskk score; In the direction of Chinese study, the score of Chinese test reaches 210 points of HSK (Level 3), and hskk score is preferred.

3. One semester trainees will enter school in September 2021 and March 2022, and the subsidy period is 5 months. Do not admit those with X1 and X2 visas on their passports. In the direction of Chinese international education, the score of the Chinese test reaches 180 points of HSK (Level 3), with an hskk score.

4. Four-week trainees will enter school in July or December 2021, and the subsidy period is four weeks. Do not admit those with X1 and X2 visas on their passports. HSK achievements in a Chinese study, traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi culture, Chinese language + Chinese family experience. The recommendation organization can organize a group to sign up, contact our university in advance to determine the learning plan in China, and report to the center for approval in advance. Each group has 15 people.


(3) Scholarship funding content and standards

Including tuition, accommodation, living expenses (excluding four-week trainees), and comprehensive medical insurance.

1. The tuition fee shall be coordinated by our university for the training and management of scholarship students, carry out cultural activities, and organizations to participate in Chinese examination. The tuition fee does not include textbook fees and tickets to tourist attractions.

2. The accommodation fee shall be used by our school as a whole, and free dormitories (double rooms) shall be provided for students; After the application of scholarship students and the approval of our university, the university will pay accommodation fees monthly or quarterly. The standard for masters and trainees is 700 yuan/month.

3. The living expenses shall be paid by our school every month. The standard for one academic year and one semester is 2500 yuan/month; RMB 3000/month for master students majoring in Chinese international education. Scholarship students shall register for admission according to the time specified in the admission notice of our university, otherwise, they will be disqualified from the scholarship. Those who register at the school before the 15th day (inclusive) of the current month will be paid full living expenses in the current month; For those who register after the 15th, half a month's living expenses shall be paid in the current month. Scholarship students who leave China for more than 15 days for personal reasons during the semester (excluding winter and summer vacation) shall stop paying their living expenses during their departure from China. If a scholarship student suspends or withdraws from school for personal reasons or is subject to disciplinary punishment by our university, the living expenses from the date of suspension, withdrawal, or receiving the notice of punishment shall be suspended. The living expenses of graduates shall be paid half a month after the completion date determined by the school.

4. The comprehensive medical insurance premium shall be implemented by the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education of China on studying in China and shall be purchased by our university. The standard for four-week trainees is 160 yuan/person, 400 yuan/person for one semester, and 800 yuan/year/person for more than one academic year.


(4) Handling process

1. From March 1, 2021, applicants can log in to the international Chinese teacher scholarship registration website to apply for the international Chinese teacher scholarship. Log in to the scholarship website to query the recommendation institutions and our university; Submit application materials online;

Deadline (subject to Beijing time):

1) Admission in July: the deadline for student application is April 15, and the deadline for review by recommendation institutions and our university is April 25;

2) Admission in September: the deadline for student application is May 15, and the deadline for review by recommendation institutions and our university is May 25;

3) Admission in December: the deadline for students' application is September 15, and the deadline for the review of recommendation institutions and our university is September 25;

4) Admission in March 2022: the deadline for student application is November 15, and the deadline for review by recommendation institutions and our university is November 25.

2. Submit all application materials on the international student enrollment network of Xiamen University.

3. The center entrusts an expert group to conduct centralized evaluation: according to the HSK and hskk test scores and grades, and taking into account the factors such as country, the center will select the best to fund, complete the scholarship evaluation about 3 months before enrollment, and publish the evaluation results.

Note: keep the phone or mobile phone unblocked and check the email and registration system regularly; Pay attention to the application process, audit opinions, and scholarship evaluation results; The scholarship winner confirms with our university to go through the formalities for studying in China and print the award certificate online; Register for admission according to the time specified in the admission notice of our university.


(5) List of scholarship application materials

1. Proof materials related to all applicants

1) Scanned copy of passport photo page.

2HSKHSKKA scanned copy of the score report (valid for two years).

3) Recommendation letter from the person in charge of the recommending institution.

4) Provide a certificate of the highest degree (for those who hold a certificate of expected graduation, the scanned copy of the final degree certificate must be2021year9moon1Submit our school) and school transcripts before the day.

5) A scanned copy of the international student’s financial guarantee letter and its guarantee materials must be filled out in Chinese or English, and provide a deposit certificate sufficient to guarantee reasonable expenses such as study, life, international travel, etc. during the study in China, as well as a financial guarantor (application only A scanned copy of the passport or identity certificate of the person or relatives). Applicants for scholarships are also required to submit a financial guarantee letter.

6) Certificate of no criminal record. Applicants must submit a valid non-criminal record certificate issued by the local public security agency, usually within 6 moons before the day of applying.

7) A scanned copy of the foreigner’s physical examination record must be filled out in Chinese or English and stamped with the official seal of the hospital. The validity period of the physical examination is6Moon.

2. The Master of Chinese Language Education must provide two recommendation letters from tutors with the title of associate professor or above. Priority is given to those who provide a work agreement for the teaching institution to be held after graduation.

3. In-service Chinese teachers must attach an in-service certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution where they are employed.

4. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a power of attorney signed by their guardian in China.

5. Applicants must also provide other certification materials required by our school based on the actual situation.


(6) About the Chinese Bridge winners

Those who have won the "international Chinese teacher scholarship certificate" in 2021 in various Chinese Bridge competitions can log in to the international Chinese teacher scholarship website and submit application materials to our university with the scholarship certificate.

If you have any questions, please consult chinesebridge@chinese.cn.


(7) Other

1. For the teaching courses of the Chinese Language and Chinese International Education Program, please consult the Overseas Education College of Xiamen University; please consult the International Chinese Education College of Xiamen University for the training plan of the four-week training program (contact information is attached).

2. Applicants must understand our school’s admissions conditions and deadlines for registration, and submit application materials by relevant regulations.

3. Students with academic qualifications must participate in the year degree review. For details, please refer to the "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Year Degree Review Method".

4. Failure to register on time, failure to pass the entrance examination, dropout in the middle of school, suspension of scholarship, cancellation of scholarship qualifications.


(8) Contact information

1. CenterExamination and Scholarship Office

Email: scholarships@chinese.cn

fax: +86 (0)10 58595727


2. Admissions Office of Xiamen University

Telephone: +86 (0)592 2188375  

Mail: admissions@xmu.edu.cn

URL: http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn


3. Xiamen University Overseas Education College

Telephone: +86 (0)592 2186211 

Mail: oec@xmu.edu.cn

URL: http://oec.xmu.edu.cn


4. International Chinese Education College, Xiamen University

Telephone: +86 (0)592 2185303 

Fax: +86 (0)592 2185382

Mail: xmuci@xmu.edu.cn

URL: http://ocia.xmu.edu.cn



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