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After waiting in the spring and summer, the students' return to school makes the campus that has been quiet for 8 months full of vitality again. September 14th was the first day of the formal class of the new semester. All the work of the college was carried out in an orderly manner. With full enthusiasm and high spirits, the teachers and students of the college devoted themselves to the study work of the new school year.




"As the first graduate student of Xiamen University in the new century, your identity carries a special symbolic meaning, and your study career will resonate and walk in the same direction as the second century of Xiamen University." On the morning of the 14th, Xiamen University Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yan said this in the first ideological and political class for 2020 graduate students. All the 2020 graduate students of the college attended the opening ceremony on the Siming campus. With the full sense of ritual and the instructive teachings of the teachers, they opened up the broad stage in the Xiamen Garden. The boat rides the wind and waves and begins a new journey.


The freshmen set sail, and the old students are also high-spirited. On the first day of school, college leaders, counselors, and related management personnel went deep into the classroom to check the classroom order and student attendance of undergraduates and foreign students of the Dublin Project. The student attendance rate is high, the class is serious, the classroom atmosphere is active and orderly.




Affected by the epidemic, foreign freshmen have not yet registered for registration, and some veteran students have not yet returned to school. Therefore, the 11 courses offered by the Chinese Department in the new semester are all conducted in asynchronous “online + offline” mode. To ensure the smooth development of online courses, the college planned to start in advance, optimized the teaching plan, and conducted teaching discussions on how to balance offline and online students to ensure the teaching effect. Before the start of school, the academic team, administrative staff, and technical staff cooperated with the teacher to debug the teaching equipment many times and prepared emergency plans in advance to ensure that the "cloud" teaching and classroom teaching were synchronized, homogeneous, and equivalent.


Taking the first class of the new semester is a key step for a good start and a good start. The college will continue to do a good job of education and teaching order under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job in education guidance and teaching management of students in a targeted manner, with greater wisdom and endurance, and active actions to ensure Teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, party building, ideological and political education, and other tasks were completed.


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