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Local customs

Nanyin: Nanyin is also known as Nanyin Opera and Nanyue, and is known as the living fossil of music culture.

Bobing (mooncake dice game): Bobing (mooncake dice game, put six dice into the bowl, different number combinations will produce different scores and prizes) is a unique festival event during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen.

Xiang'an chest-beat dance: The chest-beat dance is performed by shirtless men wearing grass garlands on their heads. The main movement of the dance is to squat down, tap the chest, ribs, legs, and palms in turn with your hands, and nod with satisfaction.

Gaojia Opera: Based on Quanzhou chords, its melody absorbs the essence of many other musical forms and techniques in southern Fujian, including band music, wind and percussion, and adaptations. Its music is a fusion of elegant southern accents and vulgar pop tunes, which are crisp and melodious, but at the same time powerful.

Checkered Opera: Checkered Opera is a kind of Han opera that originated in southern Fujian and is performed in southern Fujian dialect. It is based on the local checkered (folk ballads) spread throughout southern Fujian, combined with the elements of Liyuan Opera (Southern Fujian), and Beiguan Opera (Taiwan). And South Fujian), Gaojia Opera (South Fujian), Peking Opera (Beijing) and Fujian Opera (Minzhong, Mindong and North Fujian).

Kung Fu Tea: "A cup of tea in the morning is better than eating fish and shrimp." If you know the importance of seafood to Xiamen people, then you will know the importance of tea. Xiamen is one of the birthplaces of Kung Fu tea, with a strong tea culture.

Puppet show: also known as glove puppet, flourished in Ming Dynasty and became an important form of puppet show in Qing Dynasty. The performer controls the state of the puppets with his hands and displays the exquisite model of the puppets in his hands, so it is called "show in hand".

Big mouth drum: Big mouth drum is a cross talk rap art popular in Xiamen and southern Fujian.

Tambourine: Tambourine, also known as tambourine and tambourine technique, is a traditional folk entertainment activity with strong local characteristics in the Tongan area of Xiamen.

Songjiang Array: Songjiang Array is a folk martial arts group performance that integrates southern Shaolin martial arts, dance, and acrobatics.


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