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Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship

1. Introduction to Scholarship

To further promote the international exchanges and cooperation of Fujian education and promote the healthy development of Fujian's study abroad education in China, the Fujian Provincial Government has established the "Scholarship Program for Foreign Students" since 2012. Among them, the "University Independent Enrollment of Foreign Students Program" is open to foreign undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students. It is independently recommended by each university. There are about 25 students per year and the funding period is 1 academic year. This scholarship includes tuition, dormitory fees, etc.


2. Applicant qualifications

2.1 Applicants must be healthy non-Chinese citizens.

2.2 Applicant's academic qualifications and age requirements:

① Undergraduate: graduated from high school and above, under the age of 30;

② Master: Bachelor degree or above, under 35 years old;

③ Ph.D.: Master's degree or above, under 40 years old.


3. Admissions Major

3.1 English-taught textbooks, masters, and doctoral majors

To promote the internationalization of our school, our school offers many English-taught textbooks, masters, and doctoral majors, aiming to cultivate high-level international talents who have a good professional foundation and understand Chinese society and culture. For detailed English major information, please click to view "English-taught major":



3.2 Chinese-taught textbooks, masters and doctoral majors

At present, most of our undergraduate, master's, and doctoral majors are taught in Chinese. For detailed professional information, please click to view the "Professional Courses" column of our school's international student admissions website:



4. Application time:

February 1-May 10, 2018


5. Application procedure

Applicants for the "Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students" must apply for the relevant majors of our school and be accepted by our school before they are eligible to participate in the scholarship selection.

5.1 Eligible applicants fill in the "Application Form for Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students".

5.2 Online registration: Applicants login to the "Xiamen University International Student Online Registration System"


After completing the online registration and downloading and printing the online newspaper, the "Xiamen University International Student Admission Application Form" is automatically generated.

5.3 Send the application materials: please submit the application materials required by our school in the "Xiamen University 2018 International Students Undergraduate/Master/Ph.D. Admissions Guide" together with the "Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship Program Application Form for Foreign Students" and "Xiamen University International Students The Admission Application Form shall be mailed (delivered) to the Admissions Office of Xiamen University before the above deadline. If the application materials are sent from within China, it is recommended to use China Post EMS to ensure that the materials reach our school in a timely and accurate manner. (Mailing address: Admissions Office of Xiamen University, Siming District, Fujian Province, China; Zip Code: 361005; Tel: +86 (0)592 2184792)

★ Applicants should keep their phone or mobile phone open and check emails and application accounts regularly. Our office will keep in touch with the applicants according to the actual situation.


6. Selection procedures and results announcement

Undergraduate applicants who hold SAT scores, IB diplomas, GCE A-level scores, UEC scores, and excellent grades, graduate applicants who graduated from world-renowned universities, come from our school's inter-collegiate/inter-academic exchange colleges or obtain senior professors ( Experts’ recommendations will be given priority. Our school will organize experts to comprehensively consider the applicant's academic performance, language ability, academic level, scientific research results, and the opinions of the tutors, select the scholarship candidates from the applicants and submit them to the school leadership for approval, and submit them to the Fujian Provincial Department of Education for final review.

Our school will announce the winners list on the International Student Admissions website and notify the scholarship winners via email.


7. Contact information

Address: Admissions Office, Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China

Post Code: 361005

Tel: +86(0)592 2184792, 2188375 Fax: +86(0)592 2180256

Email: admissions@xmu.edu.cn Website: http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn

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