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Carry out tree planting activities

The spring breeze is blowing fresh green, and it is time to plant trees. March 12 morning, in China's first 43 Arbor Day approaching, Xiang'an campus organizations, "rooted in the hometown, progressive-class journey" tree-planting activities, International College in more than 20 teachers and students with the party secretary Chen Liu Under the team, they came to the intersection of Baminyuan on Xiang'an campus and the south side of Xiamen Park to actively carry out tree planting activities, and carry forward and carry forward the campus’s traditions of loving, planting and protecting trees with practical actions, creating a more beautiful campus environment and welcoming the school’s centuries. Birthday.




The teachers and students are fully motivated and cooperative by the assignment of tasks and the division of regions. Everyone shoveled the soil, shoveled the soil, tamped the soil, or watered the bucket. Every process was carried out in an orderly manner, and the hot labor scene formed a beautiful ecological landscape. After some intense and busy work, watching the hard-planted saplings stand upright and vigorously, everyone's faces are full of joyful smiles.




Spring returns to the earth and thousands of trees are blooming, and everything is flourishing and green. Through this tree-planting activity, not only exercised the body, but also stimulated everyone’s enthusiasm for labor, demonstrated the college’s good mental outlook and united and progressive working attitude, enhanced teachers' and students’ awareness of ecological civilization and social responsibility, and practiced ecology with practical actions. The concept of environmental protection contributes to the construction of a harmonious, beautiful, healthy, and green campus.

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