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Traffic routes

(1) How can I get there:

Students can take a taxi from the airport to Xiang'an campus by themselves. Please send the driver to the Kunluan Building Overseas Education College (point A on the map), Building 2, Main Building Group, Xiang'an Campus, Xiamen University. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the cost is about 100. Yuan.


(2) Welcome connection:

During the fall semester freshmen registration period, the school has freshman guidance points at the airport and railway station. Students can take the school’s special bus to the Xiang’an campus; the school also sets up a transfer station for freshmen at Jiageng Square, Xiamen Siming Campus, and students can arrive by school’s private car. Xiang'an campus.

Self-driving route: A) Shenhai Expressway Xiang’an Maxiang exit→ Xiang’an Avenue→ Xiang’an South Road→Xiamen University Xiang’an Campus; B) Xianyue Road or Huandao Road→ Xiang’an Tunnel→ Xiang’an Avenue→ Xiang’an South Road→ Xiamen University Xiang'an Campus.

Bus route: Please download the mobile APP Baidu Map, Gaode Map, Tencent Map, etc. to view real-time routes.

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