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The old party members tell stories about ideas and beliefs to international students


Recently, the directly affiliated party branch of the School of International Exchange organized students to carry out the “Understanding China” activity in 2021. Through online and offline methods, interviews with old party members inside and outside the school, listening to their original intentions of joining the party and moving stories of fighting for the party, and shooting Micro-videos and short videos, writing learning experiences, and participating in activities soliciting essays, guiding students to learn history, learn history, increase credit, learn history, respect morality, and practice history.


"Following the Communist Party is my lifelong wish." From the third grade of high school in 1958 until May 1986, Professor Hong Zhensheng, a retired teacher of materials science and engineering at our school, submitted three applications to the party organization for membership. After 28 years, he finally joined the Communist Party of China as he wished.


Professor Liu Songmao, a retired teacher of the School of Philosophy, History, and Culture, described his experience when he encountered a landslide during the construction of national defense. “When a landslide was encountered during construction and needed to be repaired, who would go to it? The Communist Party!” This simple remark made Communist Party members always in danger The outstanding qualities of the original heart and the dare to take on the mission in the difficult task are expressed vividly.


Professor Li Jiaofa, a retired law school teacher, told his classmates: “I joined the party in 1970. I think the country has developed so well in such a short period of time from liberation to 1970. The Chinese people have stood up, mainly because of the leadership of the party.”


The young students also interviewed Yuan Jianming, the executive deputy director of the Guan Gong Committee of Yingtuo Community, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, and Li Qun, an old cadre of the Linyi Retired Cadre Retreat of the Shandong Military Region.


"I grew up listening to the song there would be no new China without the Communist Party. I have been fascinated since childhood, and have always had the will to serve the country and the society." Yuan Jianming stepped back and gathered a group of caring and like-minded people to form voluntary services. The team registered and established the "Golden Sakura Home Care Service Center" to provide services for the orphans, the disabled, the disabled, and the disabled in the community who are in urgent need of assistance. It has won many honors such as the "Nanjing City Social Care Award".


Li Qun recounted the process of joining the party during the war. He said: “A party that truly serves the people will definitely be supported by the people. The Communist Party of China not only has a splendid history but also has a bright future! I always believe that she is the only one. , Will lead the Chinese people to get better and better, and will lead China to become stronger and stronger!"


"We must continue to carry forward the old party members' spirit of not being afraid of hardships and hardships, be down-to-earth in study and work, and be brave to innovate," said Zhang Yihan, a reserve party member.


Probationary party member Lu Yibo said that we must learn from the positive spirit of old party members and let our ideals and beliefs become a beacon in their hearts.

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