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The 10th Intellectual Property Competition held


April 26 is the 21st "World Intellectual Property Day". The Joint Academic Affairs Office of the School of Intellectual Property and the Intellectual Property Law Research Association of Hunan Law Society held the 10th Intellectual Property Competition. More than 120 contestants from 15 colleges Fierce competition.


The intellectual property competition aims to "bring creativity to the market" and is committed to comprehensively improving the comprehensive quality of college students, guiding students to enhance their awareness of intellectual property protection, and encouraging students to actively protect their legitimate rights and interests in independent innovation. In order to increase the interest of students from different colleges, the competition is divided into professional and non-professional groups. The professional group is composed of law, intellectual property, and credit risk management students, and the non-professional group is composed of students from other majors. The question types of the professional group are More case analysis questions are added, and the difficulty is greater than that of the non-professional group; the content of the competition is mainly based on the basic knowledge of intellectual property rights and related laws and regulations, aiming to improve the basic quality of students' intellectual property rights through competition.


In the end, 56 students including Wang Yan from the School of Intellectual Property won the first, second, and third prizes and winning prizes in the professional group of the competition; 33 students including Chen Die from the School of Public Administration won the non-professional group of the competition. First, second, third prizes and winning prizes.

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