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"Hunan Enters My Heart" International Student Chinese Song Competition Held


On the afternoon of April 27th, the "Hunan Enters My Heart" International Student Chinese Song Contest was held at the School of International Exchange. This event aims to enrich the after-school cultural life of international students, improve the enthusiasm of learning Chinese by interpreting Chinese songs, and demonstrate Chinese learning The effect of cultivating a strong interest in Chinese culture.




At the competition site, 10 contestants from Uganda, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries indulge in singing and enthusiastically performed Chinese songs such as "Swords as a Dream", "Friends", "Ordinary Roads", "Sweet Honey", and "Mango Seed". With their unique voices, the contestants give everyone a different auditory experience. They not only used music to convey their understanding and love of Chinese but also demonstrated the graceful demeanor of international students, which won a lot of cheers and unanimous praise from the judges. Russell from Bangladesh sang "The Ordinary Road" with a guitar. His strong singing voice made people unforgettable for a long time. He finally won the first prize in this Chinese Song Contest with excellent results. Di Yun and Fu Cong from Uganda won For the second prize, Zhu Fufu from Ethiopia, Lin Jing, and Wang Ao from Uganda won the third prize. The contest came to an end in a joyous atmosphere.


After the competition, the international students still expressed their enthusiasm. They all expressed that this event allowed them to further appreciate the colorful charm of Chinese culture and greatly increased the fun of Chinese learning.




All teachers of the School of International Exchange, all international students, and Chinese and foreign teachers and students from the School of Marxism, the School of Mechanical Engineering, and the School of Art watched the game together.



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