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Art school celebrates International Women's Day


The School of Art opens cultural quality courses to promote intangible heritage tie-dye to celebrate International Women's Day



(Tie-dye methods are taught in class)


For "Goddess Day", you may wish to make a personalized gift to delight your body and mind. On March 8th, the cultural quality course "Intangible Heritage Living Inheritance and Innovation Promotion" created by the Intangible Heritage Research Center of the School of Art started. The teaching team specially designed the intangible cultural heritage tie-dyeing skills teaching link in the course and invited female teachers from the school. Participate and make a unique gift tailored for yourself.



(Tie-dye is taught on-site)


At the beginning of the course, the lecturer Zuo Yingying introduced the Chuanyi team’s participation in the brand strategy and promotion project of the "Benshun Bamboo Art" of Xiangxi bamboo weaving, explained the national policy of "transformation of traditional cultural creativity and creative development", and guided students to participate in intangible cultural heritage. Live inheritance and innovation promotion practice. Luo Junmin, a female Tujia teacher from Xiangxi, Hunan, teaches the cultural characteristics and skills of tie-dyeing in Xiangxi. The teacher team meticulously prepared tie-dye handkerchiefs, indigo dye, and other materials, and invited students and school female teachers to practice.



(Finished product display)


The female teachers opened up their imagination and created boldly according to the main points of the skills, and completed the beautiful tie-dye works. New semester, new journey, this semester cultural quality courses will continue to serve Hunan masters and students and spread the intangible cultural heritage in Hunan University more widely and more deeply.

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