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2020 New Year's Day Gala


At 5 pm on December 31, 2019, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office hosted the 2020 New Year's Day Gala for International Students of Yanbian University in the activity room on the 6th floor of the Chinese Building. Vice President Lin Zhehao, Deputy Director Li Hao of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Park Huaying, Chief of the Foreign Experts Management Section of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Li Zhenyu, Chief of the Comprehensive Section, attended the party. The party was hosted by Quan Zaihua, the Chief of the International Student Section.


The party opened in the Chinese song "Gong Xi Fa Cai" jointly sung by Japanese student Yan'an Miho, Lao student Tang Dongwang and Bangladeshi student Jiemin. The party first played the 2019 retrospective short film produced by the International Student Division and reviewed the various forms of cultural experience activities both on-campus and off-campus co-organized with international students in 2019. After the video was played, Section Chief Quan and the students summarized the achievements of several important activities, including participating in the 70th-anniversary performance of the school, participating in the school-wide track and field sports meeting, participating in the Jilin Province International Student "Recitation and Dubbing Competition" and so on. The abundant extracurricular activities in the past year have helped international students appreciate the charm of Chinese culture in many ways, understand the characteristics of local culture, and better and faster integrate into the study life of Yan University.


Afterward, Jiemin from Bangladesh brought to everyone his recitation work "Will Entering Wine", which won the first prize in the "Recitation and Dubbing" Contest for International Students in Jilin Province Colleges and Universities. The passionate and wonderful recitation won the enthusiasm of the audience. applause.


Afterward, I played a short video of New Year greetings sent by alumni of international students who graduated from Yan University in 2019. The long-distance kept alumni deeply concerned about their alma mater, and they saw that alumni have become outstanding talents in their respective countries’ work fields. The international students present here are all very proud.


Finally, President Lin delivered a speech. President Lin congratulated the international students for their achievements in the past year. He said that the international student community not only added brilliance to Yanbian University but also added a strong color to Yanbian University’s internationalization. At the same time, I encourage everyone to learn more about school history and put "knowing the school and loving school" into practice. Finally, I wish all international students success in their studies in the new year and everything goes well.


Afterward, President Lin took a group photo with all the participants and tasted the international food made by international students. After the dinner, the international students showed their talents and sang on stage one after another. The performance was also interspersed with interesting games. The lively and festive New Year's Day party brought a successful conclusion to 2019.








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