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Chinese Government Scholarship

Yanbian University's 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship enrollment work has begun. International students from all over the world are welcome to study in our school!

Please note: The school does not charge any fees, and does not recruit Chinese government scholarship students through any intermediary company!


Enrollment category and application deadline

  1. Full-time on-campus master's and doctoral students (2-3 years of schooling)

  2. Deadline: March 30, 2020


Admissions Major

Please refer to the website of the China Scholarship Council Management Committee for the list of majors for masters and doctoral students of Yanbian University:

Please see the website: http://www.campuschina.org/universities_art/index.html?key=BBFAE37DEA585FA0


Eligibility for application

  1. Only limited to recruiting new students, not to fresh graduates studying in China in 2020, and directly recruiting from abroad

  2. Applicants must be citizens of foreign nationality, without Chinese nationality, and in good health

  3. Those who come to China to study for a master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35

  4. Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree and be under 40 years old

  5. The major that the applicant applies for must belong to the same discipline as the major of the highest degree


Scholarship funding content

  1. Exemption from registration fee, tuition fee and on-campus accommodation fee (double room), and no housing for students’ family members

  2. Provide scholarship living expenses (3,500 yuan/month for doctoral students, 3,000 yuan/month for master students)

  3. Comprehensive medical insurance for international students coming to China with Chinese government scholarships

  4. For the introduction of Chinese Government Scholarship, please visit: http://www.campuschina.org/index.html


Application materials

  1. "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form": Applicants must log on to the website http://www.campuschina.org for user registration and fill in the application form as required. After submission, please print the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form automatically generated by the system


    1) The institution code of Yanbian University is 10184

    2) Those who have not registered online will not be accepted

  2. After the online application is successful, please mail the following paper materials to the International Student Management Section, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Yanbian University

    1) Two copies of "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form": Please print out the application form automatically generated by the system and mail it with the application materials. The application form should be filled out in Chinese or English, and the address, contact number and email address must be filled in with the student's personal information

    2) Notarized highest education certificate: 1 original + 1 copy

    3) The applicant is a school student or is already employed, and an expected graduation certificate issued by the school or the original employment certificate issued by the employer is required.

    4) Notarized academic transcript of the highest degree: 1 original + 1 copy

    5) Study and research plan: 2 copies, no less than 800 words, written in Chinese or English

    6) 2 recommendation letters from professors or associate professors: the recommendation letter should have the signature, seal, contact number and email address of the recommender

    7) Applicants applying for art majors should provide one piece of work: Music majors should provide a performance CD of about 30 minutes (applicants for composition majors should provide scores and CDs); fine arts majors should provide 6 color photos of their works (2 Sketch painting, 2 color paintings, 2 other works)

    8) A copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" and the blood test report ( download ): 1 copy each. Please bring the originals of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" and the blood test report with you when you come to China. It is invalid if there is a photo of yourself, without the signature and stamp of the doctor and the hospital, and the inspection result is valid for 6 months

    9) Copy of valid passport: 2 copies

    10) Proof photos: 8 pieces, 3.5cm*5.3cm, white background


Matters needing attention

  1. All application materials must be filled in in Chinese or English. Application materials not in Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

  2. Graduates of Yanbian University may not provide graduation certificates and transcripts

  3. Incomplete application materials will not be accepted, regardless of whether they are admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned

  4. Application materials sent by fax or E-mail will not be accepted

  5. Before applying, please follow the link below to understand the school’s situation and international student management regulations: http://liuxue.ybu.edu.cn

  6. Application for paper materials must be sent by EMS, DHL, SF express mail

  7. For admitted students, the school will mail the admission notice and other materials to the students themselves before the end of August. Those who cannot study in China within the time limit for admission will not be eligible for scholarships.


Material submission address

  1. Mailing address: 977 Gongyuan Road, Yanji City, Jilin Province, China, International Student Section, International Convergence and Cooperation Office, Yanbian University

  2. Contact number: 0086-433-2732350

  3. Contact: Teacher Quan

  4. E-mail: liuxue@ybu.edu.cn

  5. Website: http://liuxue.ybu.edu.cn


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