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Confucius Institute Scholarship

In order to train qualified Chinese teachers and promote the spread of Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban (Hanban for short) has established scholarships, entrusted overseas Confucius Institutes (independent classrooms), and some Chinese test centers (collectively referred to as recommended institutions) recommend outstanding students, Scholars and Chinese teachers go to Chinese universities (collectively referred to as host institutions) to study.



Outstanding students from Confucius Institutes (classrooms) in various countries; teachers who are engaged in or planning to engage in Chinese teaching abroad; those who have participated in various Chinese tests hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and have achieved excellent results; outstanding contestants in the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for World University and Middle School Students; Learners of Chinese in relevant foreign universities and those who meet the conditions specified in the specific agreement of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Applicants must be 16-35 years old (for in-service Chinese teachers to relax to 45 years old) and healthy non-Chinese citizens.


Types of scholarships and eligibility requirements

  1. One-year trainees: Enroll in September, and the funding period is 11 months. International students who are still studying in China after January 1 of that year will not be admitted.

  2. One-semester research students: Enroll in September or March, and the funding period is 5 months. Those who have studied in China will not be admitted.


Scholarship content and standards

  1. Provide registration fees, tuition fees, and accommodation fees.

  2. The living allowance of the scholarship is paid monthly, and the standard is 2500 yuan/month.

  3. Provide comprehensive insurance for international students in China: Comprehensive medical insurance for scholarship students in China. It is mainly used for the expenses paid by the students for hospitalization due to serious illness or personal accidental injury.


Application process

Log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarship website ( cis.Chinese.cn ) to inquire about recommending institutions and host institutions; submit application materials online, pay attention to the application process, review opinions and scholarship review results; winners will contact our school to confirm the procedures for studying in China, Print the award certificate online; register for the student registration within the specified time and enjoy the Confucius Institute scholarship benefits.
Application materials (if the following supporting materials are not in Chinese or English, corresponding notarized documents are required)

  1. Scanned copy of passport photo page. Applicants under the age of 18 must have their parents formally entrust a foreigner or Chinese resident in China as the guardian of the foreign student, and submit notarized materials of the guardian's guarantee letter.

  2. A scanned copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years).

  3. Recommendation letter issued by the person in charge of the recommending institution (evaluate the applicant objectively and indicate whether the applicant is a Confucius Institute student or another status; in-service Chinese teachers must attach the in-service certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution in which they are employed.) The recommending institution is a Chinese envoy in various countries, Education (Culture) Division (Group) of the Consulate; 2. Confucius Institutes in various countries; Confucius Institute Headquarters in various Chinese test centers overseas; other institutions designated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

  4. Provide a notarized certificate of the highest degree (certificate of expected graduation) and school transcripts.


Admissions Contact

  1. Person in charge of admissions and consulting services: Cui Henglong

  2. Work phone: 0433-2733179

  3. Email: hycui@ybu.edu.cn

  4. Mailing address: Yanbian University Chinese Promotion Center, 977 Gongyuan Street, Yanji City, Jilin Province


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