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The Dragon Boat Festival activity


On the morning of June 25, 2020, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the fragrance of rice dumplings, the leaders of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the staff of the International Student Section came to the International Student Dormitory to visit and sympathize with the international students who have stayed on campus during the epidemic. Holiday greetings and blessings.


Since the outbreak, a total of 33 international students from 12 countries including Egypt, the Philippines, Laos, Gabon, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, Somalia, Malaysia, Tanzania, and North Korea have stayed on campus. Due to the epidemic this year, although international students were unable to experience the traditional Dragon Boat Festival activities such as making zongzi and weaving colorful ropes, the teachers of the International Student Department gave them zongzi and eggs one by one, and put them on one by one. With the colorful rope, I wish everyone happiness and health in a simple and special way.


During the visit, Deputy Director Li Hao kindly asked about the living conditions of international students staying at school, reminding students to pay attention to safety in the dormitory, and at the same time stay vigilant against the epidemic, continue scientific protection, and wish everyone an early return to China to reunite with their families.






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