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The graduation ceremony of the Chinese Language Class ended successfully


At 2 pm on December 27th, the International Student Division held the closing ceremony of the Chinese Language Training Program for International Students in China for the September 2019 semester in the conference room on the second floor of the Chinese Building. Xu Honghua, the deputy dean of the Korean Language Institute, and the teachers of the Chinese language training class attended the closing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Quan Jae, the head of the International Student Section in China.


This semester, international students from South Korea, Japan, North Korea, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Mongolia, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines and other countries are studying in the Chinese language training class. In order to enrich the after-school life of international students, the Chinese language training class has carried out a variety of cultural experience activities for international students, such as Chinese knowledge contests, calligraphy contests, food culture experience, etc.


At the graduation ceremony, each class teacher issued a certificate of completion to the international students who have obtained the certificate of completion. Subsequently, teachers Zhang Huizhen and An Songlan from Chaohan College issued honorary certificates to international students who won the "Full Attendance Award" and "Outstanding Student Award".

Afterward, Nana from the Chinese Language Training Class made a speech as a student representative. She said that the process of learning Chinese at Yanbian University has benefited her a lot. The teachers have always been enthusiastic and patient in normal teaching, which not only improved students' Chinese level but also cultivated students' interest in learning Chinese. Finally, on behalf of all the students, she expressed her sincere gratitude to all teachers.






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