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Master project


Eligibility for application

  1. A foreign citizen who is generally under the age of 50, in good health, and does not have Chinese nationality

  2. Those with a bachelor's degree or equivalent

  3. Applicants for subjects using Chinese as the professional language of instruction should have a level of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) level 4 (including level 4) or above, and another language teaching must submit corresponding language proficiency certificates

  4. Able to consciously abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school rules and regulations, respect Chinese customs and habits, and have the ability to complete learning tasks


Application materials

    1. Download and fill in the "Yanbian University International Student Admission Application Form"

    2. 6 2-inch white photos and electronic version (3.5cm*5.3cm, no less than 320*240 pixels, size 100-500kb, JPG format)

    3. A copy of a valid passport

    4. One copy of the household registration certificate

    5. A copy of the highest degree or degree certificate

    6. A copy of the original transcript corresponding to the highest academic degree

    7. One copy of the language proficiency certificate (HSK 4 certificate or corresponding language proficiency certificate)

    8. A research plan of no less than 1,000 words (Chinese or English)

    9. Two recommendation letters (in Chinese or English) from two associate professors and above

    10. An original copy of my employment certificate (limited to current employees or those with previous work experience)

    11. An original copy of the employment certificate of the financial guarantor



1. According to the review situation, the applicant may be required to supplement the notarized materials and medical examination form of the relevant materials. The submitted application materials will not be returned regardless of whether they are admitted or not.

2. When registering at the school, the applicant must present the original application materials. If any forged materials are found, the admission qualification will be canceled.


Application method

  1. Online Application

  2. Mail (EMS or DHL) application materials or electronic version to the mailbox: liuxue@ybu.edu.cn

  3. Address: International Student Management Section, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Yanbian University, 977 Gongyuan Road, Yanji City, Jilin Province, China

  4. TEL: +86-433-2732350


Semester arrangement

  1. First semester (fall semester): classes start in early September-end of December or early January of the following year

  2. Second semester (spring semester): classes start at the end of February-the end of June or the beginning of July


Enrollment time

  1. At the end of February or the beginning of September each year to register at the school and go through the registration procedures (refer to the school calendar for details)

  2. If you enroll in the March semester, you need to consult with the International Students Office 2 months before enrollment


Master's major settings

Major list of Bachelor Degree Program
Duration:4 years、5 years for Medicine Majors;Teaching Language:Chinese
序号 专业名称 Program Name
1 日语语言文学 Japanese Language and Literature
2 外国语言学及应用语言学 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
3 英语语言文学 English Language and Literature
4 亚非语言文学 Asian-African Languages and Literatures
5 汉语言文字学 Chinese Language and Characters
6 文艺学 Theory of Literature and Art
7 语言学及应用语言学 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
8 中国古典文献学 Ancient Chinese Philology
9 中国古代文学 Ancient Chinese Literary
10 中国现当代文学 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
11 比较文学与世界文学 Comparative Literature and World Literature
12 世界经济 World Economy
13 西方经济学 Western Economics
14 人口、资源与环境经济学 Population, Resource and Environmental Economics
15 中国少数民族经济 Economies of Chinese Minority Ethnicities
16 民族学 Ethnonymics
17 马克思主义民族理论与政策 Marxist Ethnic Theory and Policy
18 中国少数民族史 Chinese Ethnic History
19 中国少数民族艺术 Chinese Ethnic Art
20 企业管理 Enterprise Management
21 会计学 Accounting
22 旅游管理 Tourism Management
23 技术经济管理 Technological Economic Management
24 机械设计及理论 Machinery Design and Theory
25 计算机应用技术 Applied Computer Technology
26 结构工程 Structural Engineering
27 基础数学 Basic Mathematics
28 理论物理 Theoretical Physics
29 光学 Optics
30 凝聚态物理 Condensed Matter Physics
31 分析化学 Analytical Chemistry
32 有机化学 Organic Chemistry
33 物理化学 Physical Chemistry
34 高分子化学与物理 Polymeric Chemistry and Physics
35 人文地理学 Human Geography
36 自然地理学 Physical Geography
37 地理学与地理信息系统 Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
38 外国哲学 Foreign Philosophies
39 中国哲学 Chinese Philosophies
40 国际政治 International Politics
41 世界史 World History
42 专门史 History of Particular Subjects
43 教育学原理 Educational Principle
44 课程与教学论 Curriculum and Teaching Methodology
45 比较教育学 Comparative Education
46 教育技术学 Educational Technology
47 宪法学与行政法学 Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
48 刑法学 Penal Law
49 民商法学 Civil law and commercial law
50 诉讼法学 Sicience of Procedure Laws
51 经济法学 Economic Law
52 体育教育训练学 Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training
53 体育人文社会学 Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
54 民族传统体育学 Science of Ethnic Traditional Sports
55 作物栽培学与耕作学 Arable Framing and Cultivation
56 作物遗传育种 Crop Genetic Breeding
57 果树学 Pomology
58 蔬菜学 Olericulture
59 动物遗传育种与繁殖 Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
60 动物营养与饲料科学 Animal Nutrition and Forage Science
61 特种经济动物饲养 Science of Raising Special Economic Animals
62 基础兽医学 Basic Veterinary Medicine
63 预防兽医学 Preventive Veterinary Medicine
64 音乐与舞蹈学 Museology and Dancing Arts
65 美术学 Fine Arts
66 艺术设计 Artistic Design
67 生理学 Physiology
68 生物化学与分子生物学 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
69 人体解剖与组织胚胎学 Human Anatomy Histology and Embryology
70 免疫学 Immunology
71 病原生物学 Pathogenic Organisms
72 病理学与病理生理学 Pathology and Pathophysiology
73 法医学 Forensic Medicine
74 内科学 Internal Medicine
75 儿科学 Pediatrics
76 皮肤病与性病学 Dermatology and Venereology
77 影像医学与核医学 Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
78 临床检验诊断学 Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
79 外科学 Surgery
80 妇产科学 Gynaecology
81 眼科学 Ophthalmology
82 耳鼻咽喉科学 Otolaryngology
83 肿瘤学 Oncology
84 麻醉学 Anaesthesiology
85 急诊医学 Emergency Medicine
86 卫生毒理学 Hygienic Toxicology
87 中西医结合临床 Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine
88 药物化学 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
89 药剂学 Pharmaceutics
90 生药学 Bio-Pharmacy
91 药物分析学 Pharmaceutical Analysis
92 药理学 Pharmacology
93 护理学 Nursing
94 马克思主义基本原理 Basic Principles of Marxism
95 马克思主义发展史 History of Marxism
96 马克思主义中国化研究 Marxism-Sinicization Research
97 思想政治教育 Ideological and Political Education
98 中国近现代史基本问题研究 Study on the Basic Problems of Modern China History


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