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2020 Northeast Asian University Presidents Forum


(Contributed by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation) On the afternoon of November 20th, the 2020 Northeast Asian University Presidents Forum hosted by the Department of Education of Jilin Province and undertaken by Yanbian University, Jilin University, Northeast Normal University and Changchun University was held in our school. The theme of this forum is "International Exchange and Cooperation of Universities in Northeast Asia in the Post-epidemic Era". 18 universities from 5 countries including China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia conducted exchanges and discussions in the form of online videos. The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Wang Yanming, Vice President of Yanbian University.


Jin Xiong, President of Yanbian University, delivered an opening speech. He said that the purpose of this forum is to face the common problems and challenges of higher education in the five countries, discuss the innovative development experience of education internationalization, jointly plan new higher education cooperation and exchange mechanisms, and jointly look forward to the development trend and vision of higher education. It is of great significance for realizing the common progress of higher education in Northeast Asia in the post-epidemic era and promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. Universities in various countries must respond to the educational changes brought about by the epidemic, further deepen exchanges and cooperation, actively strengthen the connotation and model innovation of cooperation and exchanges, build a new pattern of talent training and cultural exchanges in Northeast Asian universities, and promote the internationalization of higher education in Northeast Asia. sustainable development. He hoped that the participants would use this forum as an opportunity to contribute ideas, gather wisdom, increase consensus, and harvest friendships around the international development of universities in Northeast Asia in the post-epidemic era, and jointly create a bright future for the development of higher education in Northeast Asia.


Dean Alexei Vasilyev of the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music in Russia, Ju Shuming, the second-level inspector of the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, delivered speeches successively, expressing warm congratulations to the opening of the forum. Leaders from Kansai International University in Japan, Jilin University, Incheon University in South Korea, Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, Seoul University in South Korea, Meiji University in Japan, Pukyong University in South Korea, Volgograd National Social Normal University in Russia, Hoseo University in South Korea and other universities have made keynote reports successively.






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