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President Victor Poulsen and Dean Svetlana visited school

May 07, 2019


At 4 pm on May 5th, Chen Tie, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, received the invited chairman of the Russian Law Association Victor Poulsen and Svetlana of the Law School of the Russian University of Economics and Service in the guest room on the second floor of the main building. The dean and his party, Yin Taishun of the Law School, Jin Yinsong from the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Biejia, our school's representative for foreign students in the Russian Far East, accompanied the meeting. Deputy Secretary Chen Tie welcomed the visit of Chairman Victor Poulsen and Dean Svetlana and introduced the development history and current situation of our school. Chen Tie expressed the hope that the two universities will have more cooperation in the future to promote the continuous deepening of friendship and forward development between the two sides. The President of the Association of Russian Lawyers Victor Poulsen said that with the continuous strengthening of Sino-Russian trade, the laws between the two countries need to be supplemented and improved, and therefore, talents familiar with the laws of the two countries are also needed. He hopes to help the two schools sign an agreement and start cooperation and exchanges between the two schools as soon as possible. During the visit, President Victor Poulsen and Dean Svetlana visited the School of Law of our school, and discussed and exchanged ideas with Dean Yin Taishun on the cultivation of legal talents, laying a foundation for future exchanges and cooperation. A solid foundation.




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