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The library of Yunnan Minzu University was established in 1951. In 1991, the new hall was completed, covering an area of 8659 square meters. The building is magnificent, beautiful, with good lighting and a reasonable layout. It is the best place for readers to study and study. It is inscribed by Mr. Chu Tunan and written by Premier Zhou Enlai. The branch library covers an area of 585.6 square meters. The new library under construction in Chenggong New Campus is 39850 square meters.



There are 32 reading rooms in the library. They include: literature and science reference reading room, teacher graduate reading room, "two lessons" reference book reading room, "Wu Xie Ruizhi library" reading room, ethnic ancient books and thread-bound books reading room, ancient books reading room, ethnic local literature reading room of Chinese version, foreign language books reading room, Asian Foundation donated books reading room, internal reference reading room, stored books reading room, E-reading room Student study room, etc.


1. Brief introduction

By the end of 2007, the total number of library literature has reached more than 760000, the total number of books is 712843, and the average annual book intake is more than 10000. More than 260000 kinds of books are borrowed in the reading room, accounting for 35% of the total number of books. In the collection of literature, the provincial key disciplines with special advantages, such as minority language and literature, ethnology, cultural anthropology, ethnic local literature, occupy a considerable amount of books. The library receives more than 401000 readers and borrows more than 539000 books annually.




The library implements computer network information management, has a 10TB storage service platform, and has purchased a variety of mirror electronic resources, mainly including more than 490000 books of superstar digital library, journals of CNKI digital library, full-text database of excellent doctoral and master's theses, conference theses and important newspapers, online lecture hall, dubbing and music library, etc Wanfang laws and regulations database, etc.


The library implements the director responsibility system under the leadership of the president, which consists of five business management departments: office, literature construction department, reader service department, literature information department, and technical service department. Curator, deputy curator, Secretary of the general Party branch, and deputy researcher are employed by the University, while other department directors, deputy research librarians, librarians, assistant librarians, and administrators are employed by the University. There are 44 full-time staff in the library, including 2 professors, 12 associate research librarians, 15 librarians, 12 assistant librarians, 3 highly skilled workers, and 72% of them have bachelor's degree or above, including 1 postdoctoral, 1 doctor, and 8 master's degree( Statistics as of April 2008)




The library has certain advantages in the development and utilization of ethnic literature and has made certain achievements. It has compiled more than ten thousand catalogs of the second and third ethnic literature. These information materials have been widely used in the information exchange inside and outside the province and even with foreign countries, providing great convenience for readers' study and research, and achieving good social benefits. The joint catalog of ethnic documents collected by libraries of universities for Nationalities in Southwest China, as the chief editor, won the second literature achievement award of the National Library Association in 1990《 Abstract of Ethnic Literature (1949-1989) won the second prize of scientific research achievements of our university in 1993, and the first prize of excellent library and information achievements collective of Yunnan University Library since the eighth five-year plan《 The continuation of ethnic literature abstracts (1990-1999) has won the first prize of excellent achievements in Library and information since the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of Yunnan Provincial Department of education.

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