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Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship 

1. The scholarship is open to all undergraduate, master, and doctoral majors.

Content includes:

(1). Free registration fee and tuition fee;

(2). Provide free accommodation on campus;

(3). Provide scholarship living expenses;

(4). Provide comprehensive insurance for international students in China.


2. Open professional

All undergraduate, master and doctoral majors of Yunnan Minzu University can accept applications.


3. Country of admission

Mainly to Southeast Asia and South Asia countries, taking into account other countries.


4. Enrollment categories and conditions

(1). Chinese language students: Must have a high school diploma or above, and be under 35 years old;

(2). Undergraduate: must have a high school diploma, excellent grades, and be under the age of 25;

(3). Master's degree candidates: must have a bachelor's degree with excellent grades and be under the age of 35;

(4). Doctoral students: must have a master's degree with excellent grades and be under the age of 40;

(5). Professional advanced students;

Applicants for the above-mentioned Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship should have the corresponding Chinese proficiency that meets the admission requirements.


5. Application time and application path

Application time: February 1, 2016, to April 1, 2016

Application method: Applicants must log in to the International College of Yunnan Minzu University to download the "Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form" and fill in the relevant information. After completing the application, send it to our school before April 2, 2016, together with the following application materials.


6. Application materials

Applicants must truthfully fill in and submit the following materials:

(1). "Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form"; (uniformly printed by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education) one original and one copy, filled in Chinese or English, and the applicant must sign for confirmation. Please log on to to download the "Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form" form.

(2). A copy of the first page of the passport;

(3). Notarized highest academic certificate and academic transcript; if the applicant is a student or is already employed, he/she must also submit a certificate of enrollment issued by the school or employment certificate issued by the employer; documents in languages other than Chinese and English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translation;

(4). Applicants for a master's degree are required to provide recommendation letters from two professors;

(5). Transcript of HSK; (Note: Transcript of HSK level 3 or above is required, except for Chinese language students);

(6). Study Plan in China (written in Chinese or English);

(7). A copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (uniformly printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department).


7. Admission and notification

Yunnan Minzu University will organize an expert team on campus to review the applicant's application materials, select the best based on the application materials, and report to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education for review. At the beginning of July, Yunnan Minzu University sent the "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" and (JW202) and other admission materials to the admitted applicants.


8. Contact

Contact: Teacher Yang Shenbo

Telephone: 86-871-6593-6620

Fax: 86-871-6593-6620




9. Mailing address of application materials

Address: Chenggong, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Room 510, International College, Yunnan Minzu University

Post Code: 650092

To: Yang Shenbo

Telephone: 86-871-6593-6620

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