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President Wang Xiucheng checks dormitory safety

January 23, Yunnan Academy Wangxiu Cheng Chinese president, constant deputy secretary, vice president Wu Wenli and foreign student counselors line 5 to the Eastern culture gather 10 student apartments safety hazards investigation.




Yunnan College of Chinese Language and Culture currently has 6 Chinese and foreign students staying in the ten international student apartments in the East District due to the epidemic, including 1 Chinese graduate student and 5 international students from Kenya, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Dean Wang Xiucheng, Deputy Secretary of the Constant, and Deputy Dean Wu Wenli went to the student dormitory, carefully checked the student accommodation, water, and electricity, etc., and put forward suggestions on electrical safety, fire prevention and theft prevention, epidemic prevention, and control, and other precautions for school holidays In response to the requirements, and cordially asked students about their difficulties in life and study, indicating that if students encounter difficulties, they can promptly report to the college counselor and headteacher. The counselor and teacher are also required to communicate with the remaining students regularly to help students solve problems promptly.


Yunnan Chinese Language and Culture College has always adhered to "safety" as the top priority for student management. The party and government leaders of the college have implemented the school's epidemic prevention and control and safety management work requirements with a high sense of responsibility, strengthened the main responsibility of safety, ensured that safety work is in place, and continues to focus Do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and the management of student safety education to provide strong guarantees for campus stability and the safety of teachers and students.



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