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Hold famous teacher Forum

To highlight the characteristics of our school’s teacher education, further, strengthen employment guidance, and comprehensively improve the professional quality of our school’s student teachers, the Employment Office held the first session on April 22 in the 214 Lecture Hall, Section II, Teacher Education and Training Building, Chenggong Main Campus of our school. In the 17th session of the famous teacher forum, the forum invited the subject leader of Kunming City and the deputy principal of the Experimental Primary School of the Economic Development Zone, Mr. Wang Lei, as the guest speaker. A total of more than 200 students from various colleges (faculties) participated in this forum.




Wang Lei is a "famous teaching teacher" in Kunming, a subject leader in Kunming, the deputy principal of the experimental primary school in the Economic Development Zone, a teacher of the education major of Yunnan Normal University, and the host of the first and second elementary school Chinese teacher studios in the economic development zone, "Excellent Talents" in Economic Development Zone. Won the first prize (highest prize) of the first national uniformed primary school Chinese textbook quality lesson competition, the first prize (highest prize) of the "North and South Famous Teachers" First National Primary School Chinese Teaching Competition for Young Teachers, and won the provincial classroom teaching competition twice in row One, and instructed multiple teachers to win the highest award in the national, provincial, and municipal classroom teaching competition. Participated in several provincial primary school language project research.




Before the start of the lecture, Mr. Li Yingsong, the deputy director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, presented Mr. Wang Lei with a commemorative certificate of distinguished lecture guests.




With the theme of "Prepare a Lesson" and based on the experience of an educator, Mr. Wang Lei gave everyone presents a vivid teaching demonstration class. He used his rich experience and sufficient examples to perfectly explain the true meaning of education from four aspects: how to teach, what to teach, what to teach, and how to know the church, and answered questions about education and teaching for teachers and students present.




The famous teacher forum aims to effectively enhance the employment competitiveness of graduates, promote the growth of students, promote the development of the school's connotation, and strive to achieve higher quality and full employment of our graduates. In the future, the Employment Office will take the opportunity of "10,000 principals" to enter the school to invite more principals and teachers in the province to present more and more exciting lectures to our school students.

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