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Introduction to Matriculation


1. Project introduction :

The admitted students whose Chinese proficiency does not meet the professional learning requirements will have a one-year preparatory education at Yunnan Normal University. One year later, the Chinese and professional basic courses reached the standard, and the students voluntarily applied to domestic colleges and universities for professional training.

learn System: One year

Enrollment time: September each year

Application time: March 1 to June 10 each year

Registration fee: 250 yuan

liberal arts: 15,000 yuan / academic year;

science: 16,000 yuan / academic year

Courses of Study: Basic Chinese Courses, Basic Subject Courses

Teaching language: Chinese


2. Application conditions:

2.1 Non-Chinese nationals holding a valid passport;

2.2 Physical and mental health;

2.3 High school graduation or equivalent;

2.4 Age 18-35 years old;

2.5 There is sufficient economic protection.


3. Application materials:

3.1 "Yunnan Normal University Application Form for International Students in China"

(login to fill in online);

3.2 Copy of passport photo page;

3.3 High school graduation certificate and transcripts (notarized Chinese or English translations must be provided for non-Chinese or English materials;

3.4 "Foreigner Physical Examination Form";

3.5 Other award certificates or certificates;

3.6 Fresh graduates can submit a certificate of enrollment issued by their school;

3.7 Those who are under the age of 18 must submit a certificate of entrustment signed by the legal guardian in China;

3.8 Provide economic guarantee certificate;

3.9 Anyone who studies in a formal school in China who applies to study in our school should also provide:

(1) The transfer consent letter and transcripts of the institution where the institution is located must be stamped with the official seal;

(2) Copy of visa or residence permit in China;

3.10 To teach or work in China, the employer must provide a letter of expected termination of the work contract ;


4. Application process:

4.1 Online application: Applicants log on to the International Student Management Platform of Yunnan Normal University to register and apply online, submit clear electronic version materials, and send an email to after successful submission confirmation.

4.2 Review admission materials: the school reviews all the materials of the applicant; for those who pass the qualification review, the school prepares the "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" ( JW202 Form), and "Admission Guide" for admission Materials and sent by courier. If your application is not approved, we will reject your application on the management platform.

4.3 Applying for a visa to China: Admitted applicants need to bring ordinary passports, "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China" (JW202 Form), "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" and other relevant materials to the country where they live Chinese Embassy (Consulate) to apply for a study visa ( X1 or X2 ).

4.4 Come to the school to register on time: Those who are admitted are required to bring the "Admission Notice" and the "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" to the school within the specified time. If you cannot register on time for special reasons, you must apply for leave in advance to our school in writing. Those who fail to register within two weeks without reason will be disqualified for admission.


5. Contact information:

Tel: +86-871-65941260 ( Chenggong Main Campus )

+86-871-65516251 (One Two One Southwest Associated University Campus)   



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