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"Thailand corner" held by YNNU

To help new Thai students adapt to university life as soon as possible, understand the training plan and goals of the Thai language major, clarify professional ideas, make a good plan for university study and life, and promote exchanges between old and new Thai students. On the afternoon of October 22, 2020 (Thursday), the Thai Language Department of Yunnan Chinese Language and Culture University and the Office of Academic Affairs held a "Thai Language Corner" in the 311 lecture hall of the Chinese Language and Culture University to welcome new students and professional education activities. More than 260 people from the Dean of Yunnan Chinese College Wang Xiucheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Constant, Deputy Dean Huang Qiqing, all the teachers of the Thai Language Department, and all the students of the 2017-2020 Thai language major gathered together to narrate the future.


Dean Wang Xiucheng congratulated the 58 new students of the Thai language major in the 2020 level, and put forward some practical learning suggestions to the Thai language major students, and hoped that the students would raise their awareness, study hard, and realize their dreams.




Tan Xueping, a graduate of the Asian-African Languages and Literature in 2021 from the Cathay Pacific Class of 2017 at the Chinese Academy of Chinese Language and Literature, introduced her learning experience and her understanding of Thai and Thai language learning to the younger students.




The 18th and 19th-grade students showed talents such as Thai songs, Thai dances, and Thai sketches to the guests. The new students of grade 20 also brought a youthful and dynamic dance.




During the activity, there was an award-winning contest for Thai knowledge, which enabled the students to learn a lot of the Thai language, history, and culture in a happy atmosphere.




The Thai Language Corner Orientation Event allowed new students to better understand the Thai language major and further clarified their professional thinking. On the other hand, it has enriched the students' after-school life, enhanced the sense of belonging and collective honor of the Thai language majors, and enhanced the cohesion of the Thai language major, and achieved complete success.

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