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Admission guide for English teaching program of ecology doctoral students in 2021

1. Enrollment category, deadline, and language of instruction

1.1 Enrollment category: Ph.D. student in ecology
1.2 Duration of funding: 4 academic years for doctoral students (the duration of funding is the length of study determined at the time of admission)
1.3 Teaching language: English

2. Scholarship content

Including tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance. See "Introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships" for details.
Chinese Government Scholarship Program

3. Application conditions

3.1 Non-Chinese citizens, in good health;
3.2 Educational background and age requirements: Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree and be under 40 years old.
3.3 Language requirements:
English proficiency needs to meet one of the following:
Come from a country where English is the working language;
Or take the IELTS (academic) or TOEFL level test, and the scores meet the following standards: IELTS 6.5 points, TOEFL 90 points;
Or have obtained a certificate of conformity in the official English proficiency test for going abroad.

4. The application process

4.1 Applicants need to complete the application process online. Please log in to "Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying in China",fill in the application information in Chinese or English (Please fill in "10673" for the acceptance agency number,
Please select "B) for the type of study abroad program, submit the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" online, print it, and sign it.
4.2 The online application will be completed before May 30, 2021. Late application will not be accepted.
4.3 The information of doctoral tutors majoring in ecology at Yunnan University can be found on the website of the School of Ecology and Environment:

5. Application materials

Note: All the following materials must be uploaded to the "Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying in China".All uploaded supporting documents must be clear, true, and valid. Advise applicants.
Use professional equipment to scan relevant documents. The applicant shall bear the consequences caused by the unclear or unrecognizable uploaded materials.
4.1 "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", please fill it out in Chinese or English, and your signature is required to be valid.
4.2 My ID photo, named after the passport number (photo format: color 2-inch headless ID photo, white background without border, head occupies 2/3 of the photo size, photo size not less than 320*240 pixels, the aspect ratio is 4:3, the size is 100-500KB, JPG format).
4.3 A scanned copy of the passport photo page;
4.4 Notarized highest education certificate. If the applicant is a student at school, he must also submit a certificate of enrollment issued by the school he is attending. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;
4.5 Academic transcripts. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;
4.6 Study and research plans in China. Written in Chinese or English, no less than 800 words;
4.7 Two letters of recommendation. Written in Chinese or English;
4.8 "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (scanned copy, the original copy is kept by yourself). This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department. It is limited to those who have studied in China for more than 6 months and must be filled out in English. Applicants should strictly follow the items required in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" for inspection. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" without the signature or stamp of the doctor and the hospital is invalid if the item is missing, the photo of the person is not affixed, or the photo is not stamped.
4.9 No criminal record certificate;
4.10 English certificate. Such as IELTS or TOEFL certificate;
4.11 If you have obtained the HSK score report, please also attach it to the application materials.

6. Admission and notification

6.1 Yunnan University will organize experts to review the applicant’s application materials and organize written examinations, interviews, or other forms of examinations as appropriate.
The candidates to be admitted will be selected and submitted to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and the China Scholarship Council for review. Those who meet the requirements will be selected for admission.
6.2 Yunnan University will send admission materials to scholarship recipients at the end of June.
6.3 Each scholarship recipient can only receive funding from one Chinese government scholarship program; for awards that are admitted to multiple universities at the same time
For scholarship applicants, the CSC only reserves the scholarship qualification for one school.
6.4 Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change their admission institutions after enrollment. In principle, they are not allowed to change their majors and the duration of the study.
6.5 Scholarship qualifications will not be reserved for those who cannot come to China to study within the time limit for admission.

7. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Chu, Teacher Fu
Phone: + 86-871-65032910
Fax: + 86-871-651843424
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